Americans Think Trump Will Be Worst President Since Nixon…Poll

Donald Trump is gonna have a canary when he reads this….and he WILL….

A new Public Policy Polling  poll has some REAL bad feeling for him….

He has a 50% NEGATIVE rating by those polled….

Trump must have thought he was out of the woods with the Politico /Morning Consult poll out recently about his first speech in which he got pretty good numbers…

But those who actually WATCHED his speech where most  probably leaning his way anyways….

This poll by PPP (labeled as a Dem leaning outfit to be fair) is NOT good news and reinforces that narrative that President Donald Trump maybe doing what he said he’d do…To shake things up….

But just as in the election vote….

Most Americans really do NOT like or trust him to do a good job as President….

And THAT is grinding on Trump’s ego…..

PPP’s newest national poll finds Donald Trump continuing to fare poorly with the public in his first week in office. Voters split evenly in their appraisals of his job performance with 44% approving and 44% disapproving of him. These are historically awful numbers for a newly elected President. When it comes to Trump’s favorability rating, only 44% of voters see him positively to 50% with a negative opinion. By contrast the women who participated in marches across the country last weekend against Trump are seen positively by 50% of voters, to just 41% who see them poorly.

There are a number of reasons for Trump’s continuing unpopularity. One piece of it is that voters don’t like the policies he wants to enact:

-We find that only 34% of voters want to build a wall with Mexico if American taxpayers have to pay up front for it, compared to 53% who are opposed to doing that.

-We find that with Trump in office now, the Affordable Care Act is reaching record levels of popularity with 45% of voters supporting it to 41% who are opposed. Only 30% of voters think the best plan is to repeal the act and start over, while 61% would prefer Congress to keep the Affordable Care Act and fix parts that aren’t working.

Another set of reasons that Trump’s struggling right now are concerns about his transparency and conflicts of interest:

-59% of voters think Trump needs to release his tax returns, to just 32% who don’t think it’s necessary for him to. In fact, 54% of voters would support a law requiring candidates for President to release 5 years of tax returns in order to appear on the ballot, to just 34% who would be opposed to putting that requirement in place.

-61% of voters think Trump needs to fully divest from his business interests, to only 28% who don’t think it’s necessary for him to do that…..


My Name Is jack

An interesting tidbit from this PPP poll pointed out over at Mediaite….

42% of Trump voters think Trump should be able to use a private email server.

So much for the conservative “outrage” over Hillarys use of such.

Once again, so called “conservatives” don’t give a DAMN about all these “issues” that they feign so much interest in.

Conservatism is Bunk!

My Name Is jack

I realize that where you’re you and DSD live,there exists more moderate Republicans,but those states are not going to go Republican in presidential elections.

Where I’m from is the “base” of the Republican Party and it is indeed hundred percent behind Trump hook,line ,and sinker.

My Name Is jack
It might get old for you and me but you WAY underestimate the HATE that courses through the veins of the Trump Republican Party. Hell they don’t even BELIEVE the facts that are right before their eyes! They are so blinded by their HATE and prejudices that no matter what Trump does or says they will stick with him and woe be to any Republican who opposes him. The Trump Republican is a vicious animal who will leap to defend his master no matter what… Read more »

The news cycle is as dizzying as the campaign…He governs by distraction…That is truly a Machievellian move on his part…

Manila Calling!

Worst since Nixon?

Bush 43 must be celebrating!