CNN Report…Russia has compromising info on Trump?….Trump knows about it?….

Has the incoming President been compromised into helping the Russian Government?

THAT is question that information pressented to President Obama and Congressional leaders MIGHT be asking themselves….

CNN is reporting that the FBI and CIA have been informed by a British source that  Donald Trump IS aware that ‘ Russia had collected compromising and salacious personal information about Mr. Trump’…..

The chiefs of America’s intelligence agencies last week presented President Obama and President-elect Donald J. Trump with a summary of unsubstantiated reports that Russia had collected compromising and salacious personal information about Mr. Trump, two officials with knowledge of the briefing said.

The summary is based on memos generated by political operatives seeking to derail Mr. Trump’s candidacy. Details of the reports began circulating in the fall and were widely known among journalists and politicians in Washington.

The two-page summary, first reported by CNN, was presented as an appendix to the intelligence agencies’ report on Russian hacking efforts during the election, the officials said. The material was not corroborated, and The New York Times has not been able to confirm the claims. But intelligence agencies considered it so potentially explosive that they decided Mr. Obama, Mr. Trump and congressional leaders needed to be told about it and informed that the agencies were actively investigating it.

Intelligence officials were concerned that the information would leak before they informed Mr. Trump of its existence, said the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the summary is classified and talking about it would be a felony.

On Tuesday night, Mr. Trump responded on Twitter: “FAKE NEWS – A TOTAL POLITICAL WITCH HUNT!”

The decision of top intelligence officials to give the president, the president-elect and the so-called Gang of Eight — Republican and Democratic leaders of Congress and the intelligence committees — what they know to be unverified, defamatory material was extremely unusual….

The memos describe sex videos involving prostitutes with Mr. Trump in a 2013 visit to a Moscow hotel. The videos were supposedly prepared as “kompromat,” or compromising material, with the possible goal of blackmailing Mr. Trump in the future.

The memos also suggest that Russian officials proposed various lucrative deals, essentially as disguised bribes in order to win influence over Mr. Trump.

The memos describe several purported meetings during the 2016 presidential campaign between Trump representatives and Russian officials to discuss matters of mutual interest, including the Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee and Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman, John D. Podesta….



Ironic how FBI Director came out with the Hillary Clinton email info, but if reports are correct?…The FBI has been investigating President-Elect Trump’s Russian connects since the summer….Quietly?

14 thoughts on “CNN Report…Russia has compromising info on Trump?….Trump knows about it?….”

    1. The report on the Russian compromise WAS a report….

      It is so far NOT confirmed past the Britiish source…

      The British source says THEY do have several sources….


      WTF is Trump supposed to say?

  1. … as if they didn’t know full well already (probably better than all but a few Americans)….

    C’m on, now!

    They’ve probably already tried to hack the witness statements, police reports, court files, prosecution files, and law office records, and if successful are probably holding all that back as a silent threat to Trump in case he’s tempted or persuaded to stray too far from the Kremlin line.

    1. Donald Trump is in DEEP shit on this….

      It aapears that theb FBI went and got FISA ok’s to snoop around on this WITHOUT telling the Trump people, who will run the DOJ in a week…

      McCain isn’t gonna let go of this…

      And the Intelligence community probably will be adversarial towards the White House not trusting Trump , Nat Sec adv Flynn and Trump’s son….

      Tillerson ALREADY is saying he’ll push back against the Russians and some Senators are talking about MORE sanctions against the Russians..

      This may turn out to make Hillary Clinton’s email stuff look like a picnic….

      Image this?

      The headlines are about a in-coming President possibly being ‘TURN’ by the Russians and in the last 8 hours Trump crying that all this is a ‘LIE ‘?

  2. …twitter….

    Nick Baumann ‏@NickBaumann
    Wait until people find out that the Russians have proof that multiple women have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault.

    1. At Trumps presser today he denied getting a briefing on the Russians having info on him….
      Late this afternoon it appears that several sources have confirmed that Trump was NOT given the two page back page notes on this..

        1. Ok here we go!
          DNI Clapper DID BRIEF TRUMP ON THE ‘turning ‘ info!

          Holy Shit!

          So Trump DID Bull Shit !

          BTW ?
          The British source has fled his home after being outted in media
          He’s afraid the Russians will be looking for him

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