Could Hillary Clinton run AGAIN?

ABC’s Rick Klein floats the idea….

He reasons that if John Podesta, Hillary Clinton campaign director has just come out supporting the electors getting an Russian Intell briefing from the CIA?

Something is a foot…..

Could Hillary Clinton run for a THIRD Time?

Sure…She just won the Popular vote didn’t she?

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Hillary 2020? Let’s agree to put a pause on all such talk until at least the inauguration. But how else to explain her campaign operation’s decision – five weeks after a decisive Electoral College loss – to encourage electors be allowed to get classified intelligence briefings on the extent of Russian interference? Reverence for Alexander Hamilton notwithstanding, the Clinton team knows that exerting independent judgment is not what the Electoral College does. Those involved also know there’s no mechanism for gathering 538 individuals scattered across 51 jurisdictions into an intelligence briefing, much less getting them the required security clearances before they cast their votes next week. John Podesta’s statement in support of a briefing for electors marks the most aggressive attempt by Clinton aides to call the election’s results into question. It carries far more weight than support for recounts, in the statement’s implications. As for the politics, why have the Clinton operation on record in this way unless Hillary Clinton herself wants to be in the political mix moving forward? And in the short term, is anyone happier that this story is morphed into a political one than Donald Trump, who prefers these grapes taste sour?



Right NOW?

NOBODY is speaking for Democrats as Trump shines in the Media….

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8 thoughts on “Could Hillary Clinton run AGAIN?”

  1. For Manila Trump’s “success” will be defined by how much he makes America like 1956 again. You know, when those who weren’t straight white men knew their place.

    Just look at the Presidential line of succession with Trump’s cabinet picks. If the Sec of Agriculture turns out to be a white male the first 12 in line for the Oval Office will all be white guys.

    The last time there was so little diversity among those in line for the White House was in the 80s. And it’s EXACTLY what Trump supporters want.

  2. Manila, What do you define success? How much lower should the unemployment rate be for Trump to be successful? Could the inflation rate be improved? And how would you define failure for him?

  3. With all due respect, and as I think she does not have the capacity to remake herself, they would be dragging the river.

    Michelle Obama would make the most sense.

    If not, I think we do not know the name of the next candidate but if the Trump Administration is a success, that person will be a sacraficial lamb.

  4. Then — so long ago that comparison is interesting but not particularly relevant — there’s Andrew Jackson (lost 1824, won 1828 & 1832) and Thomas Jefferson (lost 1796, won 1800 & 1804).

    On the Whig side, Wm Henry Harrison (lost 1836 & won 1840 ) and Henry Clay (lost in 1824, 1832 & 1844).

    For the Federalists, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney (lost 1804 & 1808).

  5. The last renominated Democratic loser before that (not counting FDR’s run for VP with James Cox in 1920) was William Jennings Bryan (1896, 1900 & 1908).

    I’m pretty sure that the last losing Democratic presidential candidate to win both renomination and re-election was Grover Cleveland in 1892, who (like H. Clinton and Al Gore in this century) had lost the Electoral College to Benjamin Harrison in 1888 while narrowly winning the popular vote (168-233; 48.6% to 47.8%).

    However, his case was a little different, since he’d won both votes in 1884 (against James G. Blaine) and already served a term as President.

    ¶ The last losing Republican to win renomination (although 8 years later, not 4) was of course Richard Nixon (1960, 1968 & 1972). He also won the general election.

    Thomas E. Dewey (1944 & 1948) was not so successful

  6. I don’t think she will.

    The last losing Democratic candidate to run and win another nomination was Adlai Stevenson and he lost to Eisenhower worse in 1956 than he did in 1952.

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