Donald Trump’s basic support is based on race and anger…

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Negative feelings about people of color a study reports …

White Racial Resentment and America’s Threatened Greatness?

During his campaign, Donald Trump expresses a strikingly negative view about the direction of the country, and frequently invokes threats both internal and external to explain the deterioration of America’s “former” greatness. And, unlike many past Republican nominees, Trump does not bother to hide behind racially coded language when connecting that perceived deterioration to the country’s changing racial diversity. Analysts have drawn connections between Trump’s message and perceptions of threatened status among many segments of the white Republican electorate. We find that 61 percent of Trump supporters say that being an American is “extremely” important to their identity, compared to 37% of non-Trump supporters. Among Republicans who don’t support Trump, half say being American is “extremely” important to their identity….

Our findings point to an important lesson in political science: the increasing power of negative polarization, or the politics of anger. Anger is a driving feature in American politics. Americans are increasingly likely to report that their vote choice is driven by opposing their opponent, rather than the favoring the candidate they like. They are more likely to believe the other party poses a “Threat to the Nation’s Well-Being.” As Pew puts it…..



12 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s basic support is based on race and anger…”

  1. What I’m openly saying is pthat “Tea Party types” are most of Trumps supporters.

    Unlike you apparently I am talking about persons who act like Tea partiers angry, xenophobic, bitter, racist.

    Indeed Trump supporters themselves often define themselves as “angry.”

    As for your claim that tea Partiers were monolithic in their support of Trump?Theres no proof of that.Indeed, Cruzs support was more among evangelical types,some, but not all of whom would be classified as “Tea Party types.”

    Apparently your definition of Tea Partiers is limited to those who actually belong to one of these Tea Party organizations,while mine is much more expansive .

  2. Construction jobs – and lots of them – that build/repair the infrastructure can and should come back.

  3. Sending work overseas where environmental laws and labor laws are nill to none and where the populations who are going to suffer the ill effects of same are of minority races here is doing worse to them than what any racist could think of doing.

    It’s all about playing dirty.

    PS: So Bill is going to be Hillary’s economic advisor? It’s like hiring Buffalo Bill to hunt the Buffalo after they had been hunted out of existence. It’s not the 1990’s anymore.

  4. The question that never gets asked of these Democrats who are voting for Trump, who did you vote for in 08 and 12? We know the answer. Our job is to outvote these people, and frankly you don’t do it by typing on a key board.

    Here is a criticism of Hillary for you Zreebs. She was silly to invoke Bill as someone who was going to “fix the economy” – instead of targeting groups that have been left out of our economic recovery. It was a needless critique of the Obama Administration, and she made herself look very yesterday.

    Having said that, many of those jobs will never come back. She needs to find a way to say this without insulting the people losing those jobs, and give them hope they can find another job. Grateful everyday that I went to college.

  5. Yeah the supposedly liberal mainstream media has doneva great job of pushing th myth that scads of Democrats are voting Trump.

    Even.on.MSNBC they promoted the idea of “lifelong Democrats” in Kentucky voting for Trump. Yeah well those registered Democrats voted for Romney, McCain and Bush too. They just haven’t changed their registration.

    Like our departed friend from TX. Democrats don’t need those “lifers” to win anymore. Good thing!

  6. jack,
    So you openly saying Tea Party Republicans support Trump? I don’t think so. They were aligned with Cruz.
    I actually expect a 10-15 dropoff from Conservatives around the Country who will not support Trump in November.

  7. Politico is out with an analysis that reveals what I’ve been saying.

    This claim that Trump has brought all these “Democrats” and others into the GOP is a total myth.(a claim James bought into I might add with his claim that they weren’t Republicans)Most of his voters are people who typically vote REPUBLICAN .

    What he’s done is simply increased the REPUBLICAN turnout in the primaries.

    This fact casts a cloud over the idea that Trump has expanded the electoral map.If he’s basically just getting the usual GOP voter,that doesn’t bode well for his General Election prospects.

    All this talk about Reagan Democrats?Look let’s say a Democrat who supported Reagan was say forty three or so years old in 1980.Today that voter would be 79 years old!

    This whole thing is a myth that once again the so called “liberal media” created rather than reporting the truth:

    Trumps support is from racist Tea Party type


  8. Sure

    And it’s obvious.

    Watch his rallies.

    When he talks economics or trade (which much of the so called”liberal media” claims is fueling this supposed”anger”) the applause is light and desultory,but when he starts the racial and ethnic stuff?

    That’s when the crowds really gets into it.

    It’s the raw edge of the Republican Party coming home to roost.Republican candidates for years have been playing these themes,just subtly.

    Trump has brought it out into the open.

  9. I was not impressed with this article.

    With regard to trade, it is not as if he trade balance with France that is a problem; it is our trade imbalance with China. And Trump is right with at least one thing. The US has allowed some countries to impose tariffs on the goods we export, while we neither impose tariffs on their goods or insist that they remove the tariffs. By definition, that is not free trade.

    I have problems with Trump calling for a ban on Muslim, but I see that more xenophobic than racist. I have problems with calling immigrants rapists, But again, I see that as more xenophobic than racist. And while Trump will never be considered elequent, can’t we agree that open borders have caused major problems in Europe?

    Trump has used the racist dog whistle at times – such as his birther argument. And we need to point that out when it occurs. With that said, I am also sensitive when people shout racism too easily.

    The bottom line is that most Trump supporters still view blacks and Latinos favorably. While racists may be more inclined to be comfortable with Trump, it does not follow that most Trump supporters are racists.

  10. Wow, what a surprise. The Republicans created Donald Trump with years of unfulfilled dog racist dog whistles. They were all focused on getting those angry old white boys to the polls, but they never delivered when they actually won the election. And then came Obama.

    Their outrage led to Trump. Trump tells them what they want to hear and they all feel like they are in charge again, even though Trump could give two shits about them. But, no, Donald will Make America White Again.

    Simple formula.

    Off traveling tomorrow. Gone for a few weeks.

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