Scott Walker open to building a wall between the US and Canada?

Well he’ll get a little attention form this…

Just a little…

There isn’t gonna be a wall between the US and Canada….

Walker knows that….

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), a staunch advocate of beefing up security on the southern border, said Sunday he is open to building a wall on the U.S. border with Canada as well.

The Republican presidential candidate said the idea of building a northern wall was brought up to him during a recent town hall in New Hampshire.

“That is a legitimate issue for us to look at,” Walker said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Republicans typically take a tough approach on securing the southern border, but few have said a wall should also be built along the U.S.-Canada border….


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Securing the Pope Francis visist to the Big Apple…

Pope Francis will visit America from September 22 to September 27, 2015…..

He will be in New York City from the evening of Sept. 24 to early morning Sept. 27….

Let’s game out the security operation for the Pope in the Big Apple….

The Pope has his own personal security detail of Swiss Palace Guards that travel with him….

In his visit to America (Wash DC, NYC and Philly) his America personal security agency will be the US Secret Service….

As the Pope moves around NYC he and his whole party will be escorted/moved by the New York City Police Department….

The Police Department’s Highway unit will be leading the Pope’s motorcade which could be a long as 30 vehicles….

In that motorcade will be the famous Popemobile, His personal security people, Secret Service agents, his staff, media, a medical team from the NYC Fire Dept’s EMS service …..

The arrival at JFK Airport will handled by the Port Authority Police, who will provide an escort off the airport….And secure the arrival area’s and greeting crowds…

Once in New York….

The Pope will visit St Patrick’s Cathedral, Address the United nations, an East Harlem church,. And Madison Square garden….

He will sleep over the night of Sept 25th….

There has been a mention of a stop in New York Cities Central park….

For ALL of thes stops the New York Police will provide escorts and crowd control, just as they would for the running of the NY City Marathon race…It will involve large amounts of the NYPD’s 35,000 police officers …..

In Inanitionaddition, the NY Fire Department will to mobile its fire and EMS units to points along the route of the Papal motorcades to handle any medical emeergcy situations….


Due the large amount of people expected to come and see the Pope in the City…..

Outlying police departments will have increase their patrols….

New Jersey Transit, Port Authority  and MTA police departments will have increase staffing for crowd control and security on their train, bridge and tunnel facilities …..

Homeland Security TSA people may be deployed to these facilities also….

At the World Trade Center visit….Port Authority Police will be called on again to escort the Pope’s group….At Madison Square Garden NYPD and MTA police will have extra units, dogs and bomb squad members standing by because the facility has a train station below it…

The New York City Police Department will have it’s helicopters, Marine, Bomb, HazMat and others units working the Pope’s detail…

The Secret Service should surely have to call for help from other Homeland Security agencies including Border patrol and TSA ….

All of this will be going on in New City, The Bg Apple while the city hosted the Forest Hills US OpenTennis match, Baseball Games of the NY Yankee’s and NY Mets…


The Unted Nation’s annual General Assembly get together…..

That event will pull the US State Departmanet Dipoploamtaic Security agents into action providding securty for over 40 Foreign Ministers that will arive in the city….

Oh, Yea….

The Secret Service will be handling President Obama, which normaly would be the BIGGER movement, but will be drafted by the Pope….

They will also, like the State Depatment be proding security details for over 50 heads of state while the President and the Pope move around the city….

For EACH othe above arrivals?

The NYPD will assign it’s police escorts…..


New York City is gonna make a LOT of money from all of this…

Drivers in the city are gonna get screwed….

NYPD cops are gonna make money…

A LOT of Secret Service , FBI, Border patrol and other Federal peopel are gonna be spending a couple of weeks in the city….

Here’s the schedule….

Sept 24 (D.C., New York)
9:20 a.m. Address to Joint Session of the United States Congress
11:15 a.m. Visit to St. Patrick in the City and Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington
4:00 p.m. Depart from Joint Base Andrews
5:00 p.m. Arrival at John F. Kennedy International Airport
6:45 p.m. Evening Prayer (Vespers) at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Sept 25 (New York)
8:30 a.m. Visit to the United Nations and Address to the United Nations General Assembly
11:30 a.m. Multi-religious service at 9/11 Memorial and Museum, World Trade Center
4:00 p.m. Visit to Our Lady Queen of Angels School, East Harlem
6:00 p.m. Mass at Madison Square Garden

Sept 26 (New York, Philadelphia)
8:40 a.m. Departure from John F. Kennedy International Airport
9:30 a.m. Arrival at Atlantic Aviation, Philadelphia
10:30 a.m. Mass at Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul, Philadelphia
4:45 p.m. Visit to Independence Mall
7:30 p.m. Visit to the Festival of Families Benjamin Franklin Parkway


image …

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They lost last night…But The Mets have turned into a offensive machine…

Yea they lost to the Boston Red Sox….

But even in that loss?

They have displayed their new mad crazy ability to hit homeruns and get on base….Finally….

Terry Collins studied the itinerary for the Mets’ last road trip and noticed a common theme. The Mets would be playing at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Coors Field in Denver and Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. All are home run havens.

“You’ve got a chance to do some big damage, and we did,” Collins said, home again Friday at Citi Field. “We’re back to the big-boy parks now.”

The Mets thumped 23 home runs across the nine road games, but the Boston Red Sox were the big boys in Flushing on Friday, using three homers to beat the Mets, 6-4, in 10 innings. The Mets hit none.

For historical purposes, though, they have already made August the most prolific power month in team history. With 43 home runs, the Mets have eclipsed the previous mark of 40 from June 2006, the last year they made the playoffs.

The Mets, Friday notwithstanding, also seem to have solved Citi Field, where they have 70 homers this season. That is a single-season home run record for the ballpark, which opened in 2009. While the Mets marveled at the upgrades from Shea Stadium, they soon struggled with the distant fences. The dimensions have been altered twice since then, and now the park has largely normalized….


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History repeats itself…Red State on a need for new Republican Party…


The New Republican Party I envision is one that will energetically seek out the best candidates for every elective office, candidates who not only agree with, but understand, and are willing to fight for a sound, honest economy, for the interests of American families and neighborhoods and communities and a strong national defense. And these candidates must be able to communicate those principles to the American people in language they understand. Inflation isn’t a textbook problem. Unemployment isn’t a textbook problem. They should be discussed in human terms.

Our candidates must be willing to communicate with every level of society, because the principles we espouse are universal and cut across traditional lines. In every Congressional district there should be a search made for young men and women who share these principles and they should be brought into positions of leadership in the local Republican Party groups. We can find attractive, articulate candidates if we look, and when we find them, we will begin to change the sorry state of affairs that we are in. I need not remind you that you can have the soundest principles in the world, but if you don’t have candidates who can communicate those principles, candidates who are articulate as well as principled, you are going to lose election after election

Read the piece….Here

You’ll be surprised WHO said this…..

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Three Bush fundraiser’s leave the fold….

Different reasons given….

Jeb Bush has the largest operation in the field for the Republicans despite falling behind Donald Trump in the polls….

But his collections have dropped….

“They were glad to go. This wasn’t a shock to anybody,” said one campaign source. “There were just some personality problems. It happens when you have a big organization like this, a big campaign. Some of the national people are tough to work for.”

Alexander, Money and McCarley have deep and longstanding ties to Florida’s GOP power structure. Money is close with former House Speaker Will Weatherford, McCarley’s part of Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam’s political team, and Alexander has been a member in good standing of Bush’s operation since he was governor.

“They raised a lot of money out of Florida. A lot,” said the campaign source. “So if anyone says they didn’t quit, it’s not true. They’re still working for the super PAC as well. This is not about them,” said one source. “This is about the campaign.”


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Keep the U-2 Spy plane…Or?…Make a new one?

The Air Force of course wants something more expensive….

They ALWAYS do….

The Global Hawk can’t handle the mission….

The Army is very happy with the ole’ U-2…..


The U-2 is due to be taken out of service in 2019…..


Doesn’t the NEW Lockheed RQ-X look a LOT like ah,….The U-2?

asset imageLockheed RQ-X..image Lockheed

The U-2 spy plane is famous for its overflights of Russia and China during the Cold War, but the high-flying aircraft designed by Kelly Johnson in the 1950s is busier now than at any point in its history.

The specialised surveillance fleet – headquartered at Beale AFB in northern California – has stepped up its operations from forward bases around the globe in support of everything from traditional treaty verification and mapping missions to snooping on terrorist groups in the Middle East and Africa, as well as on more sophisticated rivals such as Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

But as the U-2 faces retirement, Skunk Works is proposing a next-generation reconnaissance aircraft, one optimised for the same 70,000ft flights but more stealthy than its predecessor.

Skunk Works engineers in Palmdale, California, are considering an evolutionary design, which company officials say could outmatch the best proposals from industry heavyweights Northrop Grumman, Boeing and General Atomics Aeronautical Systems.

Lockheed is still lobbying hard to keep its famed U-2 in service, contending that relatively recent upgrades and the low stress of high-altitude flight (on the airframe at least) makes the U-2 a viable platform out to 2045.

However, it says if the programme must end, then the air force should hold a competition for a replacement, since the mission requirement has not gone away.

Company officials disclosed details of Lockheed’s optionally manned “RQ-X” or “UQ-2” concept during an 18 August media tour of its U-2 maintenance facility in Palmdale.

“We’re looking at a Global Hawk and U-2 – taking the best of breed from both worlds, mixing them together onto one platform,” says Lockheed’s U-2 strategic development manager Scott Winstead. “Think of a low-observable U-2. You’re not going to make it invisible, but LO characteristics would make it more difficult for them to shoot you down: the materials, shape, design and other stuff.”’


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Daily Kos Morning Digest 8/28/15… Business owners remove all voters from business district, but forget one college kid

Reposted from Daily Kos Elections by Jeff SingerMap of the new Community Improvement District in Columbia, Missouri

Map of the new Community Improvement District in Columbia, Missouri

Leading Off:

Gerrymandering: Normally gerrymandering in a medium-sized town that doesn’t even pertain to city council elections would be too down-in-the-weeds, but this story from the Columbia Tribune is too funny to ignore. Self-interested business owners successfully petitioned the Columbia, Missouri, city council to create a local Community Improvement District, which would have the authority to impose a half-cent sales tax increase with voter approval. However, the district lines were drawn in a manner that attempted to avoid containing any eligible voters, meaning that property-owners themselves would get to decide on the sales tax increase as a way to avoid further property taxes to pay for improvements.

Unfortunately for them, things didn’t exactly go according to plan. It soon became known that a single voter, University of Missouri student Jen Henderson, was registered to vote in the new CID. That means that she alone will get to decide whether or not to approve the sales tax increase. The CID has already gone into debt to finance planned improvements and was counting on the increased revenue from the sales tax increase.

Predictably, Henderson is not pleased with how manipulative this process has been. She was even asked to de-register so that the vote would revert to property owners. While Henderson hasn’t publicly stated which way she plans to vote, she sounded skeptical of the proposed sales tax increase and rightfully pointed out how it is regressive in nature while the benefits accrue mainly to incumbent businesses.

In a delicious twist of irony, if Henderson votes against the sales tax increase or the vote is called off entirely, the only way for the CID to pay off its debts will be to levy further taxes on property, which is exactly what these businesses were trying to avoid. Most of the time gerrymandering is successful and unfair, but instances like this show it can sometimes backfire spectacularly…..


OH-Sen: In an appearance in Ohio on Thursday, Hillary Clinton gave her backing to ex-Gov. Ted Strickland, asking her supporters to “help Ted get elected to the United States Senate.” Politico frames this as “all but” an endorsement, but while candidates often play games as to whether something is or isn’t a “formal” endorsement, there’s no, like, legal definition of the concept. If you tell the world you want to see a certain person win, and people conclude you’ve issued an endorsement, then you’ve issued an endorsement!

Strickland faces Cincinnati City Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld in the Democratic primary. Both are hoping to take on GOP Sen. Rob Portman next year, but Sittenfeld trails Strickland badly both in fundraising and polling.

PA-Sen: Franklin & Marshall: Pat Toomey (R-inc): 41, Joe Sestak (D): 29; Toomey: 35, Katie McGinty (D): 28.


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Clinton Campaign flexs at DNC get together…

Hillary’s handlers are seeking to engage the Democratic Super-Delegates early …..Something they failed to do in 2008…

That oversight cost Hillary Clinton the nomination…

THAT won’t be the case this time…

Even with the media focus on her email problems and lack of ‘trust’?

The people who matter….

Democratic establishment types….

Bernie Sanders may have the crowds….

But Hillary is working on the party votes…

A phalanx of Clinton’s top aides — including campaign manager Robby Mook, political director Amanda Renteria, and top organizing official Marlon Marshall — worked party influencers at the Democrats’ candidate cattle-call here and at a private happy hour at the W Hotel bar on Thursday night, while trying to calm those with questions about the email controversy. Clinton too met with supporters privately on Thursday night.

And party officials gathered in the hotel’s hallways, conference rooms, and suites responded, delivering a level of enthusiasm for their wounded front-runner that demonstrated to would-be challengers how little space they have to pursue the Democratic establishment.
“This is really about how you put the numbers together to secure the nomination,” Clinton said Friday. “In 2008 I got a lot of votes, but I didn’t get enough delegates. So I think it’s understandable that my focus is going to be on delegates as well as votes this time.”


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MoveOn going after Schumer on his anti-Iran deal vote….

The effort will be wasted money…

New York Democratic Senator Chuck is only going to worry about his base in Brooklyn….Which is why he’ll vote against the deal knowing it WILL go thru and his base had him ‘do the right thing’ in their eyes….

Schumer will also go on to lead the Senate come January 20017….

Other politician’s KNOW why Schumer is voting the way he is…They understand and won’t hold it against him….

MoveOn wants to get New Yorkers moving against Sen. Chuck Schumer, their senior senator and the highest-ranking Democrat to oppose the controversial nuclear agreement.
According to details shared first with POLITICO, the liberal advocacy organization’s political action arm will next week launch a member-backed mobile billboard, dubbed the “SchumerMobile,” that will drive around New York City for five days in an attempt to publicly admonish Schumer and other Democrats who are pondering how they will vote next month on the resolution.


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US Advisors in Afghanistan…Update…

Few American’s even know that around 10,000 American combat troops, ‘advisors’ are deployed still in Afghanistan ….

The Special Forces ground units are backed up by US Air Force and US Amy fighetr jets and Helicopters…

The Special Forces advisors job is to train and assist the Afghan Special militayr and police units , but NOT to get into combat unless they have to….

The idea is to get the Afghan’s fighting for themselves….

THAT works most of the time…

But NOT always….

President Obama has said he’ll pull the last units out the country at the end of next year….


Two seconds AFTER election day November 2016 one would think THAT call will move from Obama to the newly elected President….

And I for one do NOT think those troops are going anywhere….Not with what happened in Iraq fresh in Washington’s mind…..

On the ground, U.S. special-operations troops accompany Afghan counterparts once or twice a day on raids to kill or capture insurgent leaders. But they don’t enter target buildings or go after the insurgents themselves.

From the air, U.S. helicopters and planes routinely bomb or strafe enemy positions, and come to the rescue of beleaguered U.S. and Afghan troops. But those attacks occur about 70% less often than they did a year ago, the Air Force says, and require top-level approval.

“We could go and do the mission” for the Afghans, said Command Sgt. Maj. James Napolet, the senior enlisted man among American special-operations troops here. “But our intent is for them to be a fully capable force that can do the mission on their own.”

That said, he added, “we assist them where they need the assistance.”

For more than a year, the military has maintained a veil of secrecy over its special-operations forces in Afghanistan. For two weeks this summer, however, the military permitted The Wall Street Journal to visit a variety of commando units, offering a glimpse into what may be the last fighting season of America’s longest war.

What emerges is a picture of a military in a netherworld, trying to find a middle ground between doing too much and too little as its role winds down.

Special-operations forces now conduct the bulk of U.S. missions in Afghanistan, where their main responsibility is making sure their elite Afghan counterparts can fight on their own before American troops leave, a full withdrawal that President Barack Obama has announced will take place by the end of next year.

The special-operations mission has taken on more urgency against the backdrop of events in Iraq, where the U.S. withdrew at the end of 2011 only to watch American-trained forces collapse before the onslaught of Islamic State, or ISIS, a militant force that has begun to appear in Afghanistan as well…..


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Political Roundup for August 28, 2015…Bush campaign staffers asked to tighten their belts?….RRH Elections


Bush: Jeb Bush’s campaign, which once promised to shock and awe his opponents, has begun taking steps to rein in campaign spending. Campaign staff have been asked to take pay cuts as part of the belt tightening. While Bush’s PAC Right to Rise has raised more than $103 million his actual campaign account raised only $11 million.

Trump -Supporters: Female Trump supporters just feel more comfortable with GOP candidate who’s openly horrible to them. This “story” from The Onion is as good an explanation for Trump’s support as any real news analysis I’ve seen.

Trump -Butter: A Missouri woman claims to have found an image of Donald Trump in a tub of vegan butter. Sadly this is as newsworthy as any other nonsense that involves Donald Trump.

Trump-racists: While former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke loves Donald Trump’s positions on immigration he is, contrary to some recent news reports, not endorsing the reality TV star for President. While Duke feels Trump is the best of the lot he is however disappointed that Trump doesn’t hate Jews and is for the time being holding on to his endorsement….


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Clinton camp claims to have 1/5 of delegates needed for nomination already…

The race for the Democratic 2016 Presidential nomination is not gonna be fair folks…

Even with the lefties in the party uniting with the “anybody but Clinton ‘ people…

This ISN’T 2008….

The Democratic establishment doesn’t have the problem the GOPer’s have with Trump….

While Senator Bernie Sanders is doing fine in New Hampshire…But he’s gonna out of it once he gets to South Carolina…Joe Biden is making the rounds…But he’s just too late and too torn with who he’d have to run against….

So the Clinton campaign has been telling people for the past few days how close they are with tight with the Democratic party establishment….

Just tamp down anyone who might think Hillary Clinton is in trouble with sagging polls, the email stuff and the trust issue…

Clinton campaign aides at the DNC meeting are privately briefing uncommitted superdelegates there on their mounting totals as a way to coax them to get them aboard the Clinton train now. Campaign manager Robby Mook, chief administrative officer Charlie Baker, political director Amanda Renteria, and state campaigns and political engagement director Marlon Marshall are among the top Clinton aides in attendance.

Final numbers are still in flux, but current estimates peg the total number of delegates to next summer’s presidential nominating convention at about 4,491, meaning that a candidate would need 2,246 to win. The Clinton camp’s claim to more than 440 delegates means she’s already wrapped up the support of more than 60 percent of the approximately 713 superdelegates who, under party rules, are among those who cast votes for the nomination, along with delegates selected by rank-and-file voters in primaries and caucuses beginning next February. Delegate totals won’t be finalized until the DNC determines the number of bonus delegates awarded to states, a party official said.

To be sure, Clinton had a superdelegate edge early against Barack Obama in 2008, and superdelegates are free to change their allegiance at any time between now and next summer’s convention. But Clinton is ahead of the pace she had eight years ago in securing these commitments, and her support from the core of the establishment represented by these superdelegates is arguably the most tangible evidence of the difficulty Biden would have overtaking her with a late-starting campaign….


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Federal Appeals Court overrules Judge Stop order on NSA data collection…

The courts has referred to fact that Congress has directed the agency cut back on the data it keeps (it just will be kept by ATT& T, Verizon and others phone carriers) thus actually saving the NSA storage space…

The Appeals courts court also cast doubt on the standing of  ‘Larry Klayman, a longtime conservative activist who sued in 2013 after former NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed documents showing the scope of the phone surveillance and other spy programs’.

All in all?

The NSA keeps it ability to do it’s thing….

A federal appeals court reversed a judge’s order to stop the National Security Agency from collecting phone records, sending the case back to a lower court for further hearings between privacy advocates and government lawyers.

A three-judge panel in Washington issued its decision Friday, and it comes after Congress has already passed legislation to make major changes to the government’s collection of bulk domestic phone records.

The appeals court judges vacated a preliminary injunction against the government granted by U.S. District Judge Richard Leon in December 2013. Judge Leon had found the collection of phone records “metadata”—the time, duration, and numbers called, but not the content of the conversations—almost certainly violated constitutional privacy protections….



Klayman is also at the heart of the civil action against Hillary Clinton’s email usage…

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Iran deal support ignites a fight among American Jews….

American Jews who support the deal, and their President, have been put under pressue from American Jews who support Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s efforts to derail Obama’s actions….

The attacks on Representative Jerrold Nadler, Democrat of New York, since he announced his support for the nuclear accord with Iran have been so vicious that the National Jewish Democratic Council and the Anti-Defamation League both felt compelled this week to publicly condemn Jewish voices of hate….

Beyond the name-calling is real concern about geopolitical implications. With momentum on Mr. Obama’s side, the chances that Congress can scuttle the deal appear remote, and Mr. Engel, the ranking Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said leaders in both parties needed to look at new security policies for Israel and the Middle East if the accord goes into force.

The agreement is likely to foreclose Iran’s path to a nuclear weapon for at least 15 years, even many opponents say, but the lifting of economic sanctions will give Iran more cash that it could use to destabilize the region, support terrorism and assert its authority.

“Whether this passes, whether this fails, we always have to be looking at next steps,” Mr. Engel said. “And there has to be a rapprochement between the United States and Israel. There just has to be.”

But the bitterness of the current debate will make that difficult. Mr. Israel said that Republican leaders had begun exploiting the rift among American Jews when Speaker John A. Boehner invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel to address Congress in March, and that “partisan Republicans will continue to squeeze the sponge.”

“Republicans who barely knew where Israel was on a map are the new David Ben-Gurions,” he said, referring to Israel’s first prime minister….


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State of emergency declared in Florida; tropical storm nears….

Florida Gov. Rick Scott said Friday that Tropical Storm Erika poses a “severe threat to the entire state” and declared a state of emergency.

The storm could hit the peninsula Monday. Scott made his declaration shortly after forecasters adjusted the trajectory of the storm to show that it’s predicted to strike the southern tip of the state and then traverse northward.

The declaration ahead of time gives wide latitude to Scott and other state officials to prepare for the storm. The order calls for the activation of the National Guard and gives authorities the ability to waive tolls and rules to allow emergency crews and vehicles to move throughout the state.

A hurricane hasn’t hit Florida in 10 years. The latest forecasts show that Erika will remain a tropical storm when it makes landfall….


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Add Christie to those sending government email ‘s from a private server…

Just to be clear?

THEY ALL HAVE or ARE doing what the Republican’s are after Hillary Clinton for…..

Gov. Chris Christie has criticized Hillary Clinton in recent days over her use of private email to do State Department business. But the only email he provided to the Legislature last year came from his private Yahoo account.

Christie turned over just one set of emails to the New Jersey Legislature in response to its subpoenas about Bridgegate. That email conversation contained edits that Christie made to a statement announcing the resignation of Port Authority official David Wildstein, who has since pleaded guilty for his role in the lane closures.

Democratic Assemblyman John Wisniewski, who led the investigation, told WNYC that Christie sent those emails in December 2013 from his personal Yahoo account. The public documents had previously been released but the email address was blacked out.

Christie has said Clinton’s use of a private email account was done to avoid public scrutiny.

“Can you imagine, if after the bridge investigation began, I came out and said ‘Oh, I’ve done all my business as governor on a private email server. And, I’ve deleted now 30,000 of those emails. But trust me none of it had to do with the bridge.’ Give me a break,” Christie said Monday on CNN….


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