Russ Feingold could be on his way back to the Senate….

The Democrats will need EVERY Senate seat they can get to get Schumer to the Majprity Leader spot….

A new Luntz Global (R) poll in Wisconsin shows Russ Feingold (D) leading Sen. Ron Johnson (R) by eight points in the U.S. Senate race, 50% to 42%….


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5 thoughts on “Russ Feingold could be on his way back to the Senate….”

  1. Normally Senate comebacks don’t pan out, but I think Johnson’s victory in 2010 was such a fluke that Feingold has the edge here. He’s led in every poll I’ve seen.

  2. Unless the GOP nominates a crazy, I anticipate that Hillary will have a negative coattail effect. So, here’s hoping for a weak Hillary coattail.

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