Sanders doesn’t think he needs to apologize to the Black Lives Matter

Sanders was on the oofense reminding people that he had campaigned for the nations first Balck (Mixed ) President …His campaagn also moved to schedule meetings with Black and Hispanic groups , something they had failed to do intially….

Democratic presidential candidate and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) told CNN on Sunday that he doesn’t think he needs to apologize to the Black Lives Matter movement after members of the group forced him offstage at a campaign stop in Seattle. But one of his staffers already did so.

In an email obtained by BuzzFeed news, Sanders’ African-American outreach director, Marcus Ferrell, told Black Lives Matter leadership that he was sorry “it took our campaign so long to officially reach out,” and asked to kick off a formal dialogue. Sanders told Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” that the email was sent “without my knowledge” and that his campaign was going to be working “with all groups.”


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7 thoughts on “Sanders doesn’t think he needs to apologize to the Black Lives Matter”

  1. Daily Kos has a piece that questions the sincerity of Bernie Sanders dealings with his staff and the ‘Black Lives Matter’….

    I have said in the past here that MOST blacks do not know , or care what he had did in the Civil Rights movemnet back in the day….

    I also suspect that Donald Trump making his ‘I don’t give shit…It’s MY mike comment’ was heard LOUD and Clear in EVERY campaign headquarters…..

    Why Bernie’s fake apology to black folk really bothers me

    Last week I praised Bernie’s plan addressing systemic racism and police brutality. Now, though, I’m starting to wonder if he had anything to do with it. It seems like he has hired some black staffers who are doing a great job saying all of the right things, but that he may not actually be connected, personally, to what they are thinking and saying.

    When Bernie so flippantly dismissed this apology, he not only disrespected his senior staffer, but he showed that he’s not really in tune with how his staffers think and feel about how things are going for him. For me, I was just starting to open up to the idea that Bernie sincerely cared about police brutality and racial injustice, but this current mess sets me back….

    More @

    I recently posted a piece that argued that Bernie Sanders could only go so far with Progressives…
    That NO matter what….
    Dirrent groups would always want more….
    And THAT IS the reason why in general elections you HAVE to balance your policy towards the middle…
    This is prime example of that reasoning….

    Oh, and Hillary WILL carry the Black vote….
    Bet on it….
    Without it?
    As advertised…
    Bernie Cannot win the Democratic nomination…

  2. I’m no fan of this Black Lives Matter group.I have seen them up close here in SC.They seem like some Black Nationalist type group and seem to generate much more heat than support.

    Sanders “owes” them nothing.

    Indeed, it is THEY who owe him a apology.

  3. Didn’t Martin O’Mallet capitulate to this group’s demands? If so where did that get him? Stuck at 1%.

    Sanders civil rights record is stellar and he needs no lecturing from this crew.

  4. These are the same folks who yelled at Obama. We have tons of them here in Northern California, and many seem determined to find fault no matter what. Sanders has a perfect record, as does Hillary, but there are always folks who will be dissatisfied.

    This group is now protesting in Oakland because a black suspect was shot pointing a gun at cop (a real gun, not a toy like one other situation here), and yes, police followed protocol and told him to put the gun down. The suspect was killed, and I have no problem with that. But, to hear the protesters, you would think they had shot Michael Brown all over again.

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