Hillary Clinton gets it…She MOVES to the left…

Some of us have maintained that Hillary Clinton was more a moderate Democrat than a progressive…

Others have said she was Liberal/Progressive….

Up until before Bernie Sanders started showing up to crowds in the tens of thousands it didn’t really matter, it seemed to the Clinton campaign….

But NOW it apparently does….

Hillary Clinton is NO danger of losing the 2016 Democratic nomination….

But the memory of 2008 is fresh in her and others minds…..

Watching the ground swell for Donald Trump and the crowds for Bernie as he crips up the polls has done what the left of the Democratic party wanted Hillary Clinton do….

Move to the Left….

Cautuous because she is currently the most expereinced highlevel politican in the seriuous running….(She watched Obama play to the left early in 2008 and now that same left quietly complanins about him…So much for keeping everyone happy, eh?)

She has tried to remain vague and yet grab as many progressives and lefties in her party by copying as much of the Eliazabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders talking points as she can….

But even with most of that?

She remains center or even with shades of the right still on several issues…..

Some liberals are looking the other way on trade and Keystone, saying her work as Obama’s secretary of state puts her in a uniquely awkward position to oppose those projects while the president is still in office. They’re encouraged by her strategic decision not to endorse either.

And Democrats out there are gonna have to live with that…..

(Some now cloak her movement as independence )

Cause right after March of next year one couls see her pivot back to the middle, a place she will need to be come next November…..

Clinton, perhaps influenced by pressure from Sanders, has largely heeded the calls by adopting liberal positions on a host of issues. She’s pushing for a higher (though yet unspecified) minimum wage; she’s calling for universal voter registration; she’s endorsed Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran; and she’s floated the idea of adopting a constitutional amendment to limit the influence of money in political campaigns.

Equally as important, liberals say, she’s framing her campaign with the tone of an economic populist, declining to join the effort –– supported by even some moderate Democrats —for lower corporate tax rates and an elimination of certain provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law.

Grijalva said Clinton’s shift is simply “common sense.” Not only has she embraced positions that are popular with voters, he argued, but she’s also sending the message that she’s an independent thinker who would lead differently from her husband, President Bill Clinton, whose legacy on issues like trade and Wall Street reform have long been panned by the left.

“Asserting that independence … distinguishes her,” Grijalva said. “I think she’s done the smart thing.”


And THAT is what a Sanders campaign from the left IS supposted to do ….