Could the drive for a Higher Min Wage result in people being replaced by machines?


The Washington Post points to a possible solution that low paying fast food owners may try to get out of raising wirkers salaries…..

Get RID of the workers,,,,,

The industry could be ready for another jolt as a ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour nears in the District and as other campaigns to boost wages gain traction around the country. About 30 percent of the restaurant industry’s costs come from salaries, so burger-flipping robots — or at least super-fast ovens that expedite the process — become that much more cost-competitive if the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour is doubled.

“The problem with the ­minimum-wage offensive is that it throws the accounting of the restaurant industry totally upside down,” said Harold Miller, vice president of franchise development for Persona Pizzeria, who also consults for other chains. “My position is: Pay your people properly, keep them longer, treat them right, and robots are going to be helpful in doing that, because it will help the restaurateur survive.”

Many chains are already at work looking for ingenious ways to take humans out of the picture, threatening workers in an industry that employs 2.4 million wait staffers, nearly 3 million cooks and food preparers and many of the nation’s 3.3 million cashiers….


11 thoughts on “Could the drive for a Higher Min Wage result in people being replaced by machines?”

  1. Remember that was the the NUMBER ONE issue Republicns dealt with after they assumed control of Congress,the Estate tax.

    I continue to beleve that the número uno issue which animates today’s Republican Party is to


    And to use wedge issues like abortion and immigration to secure political power to accomplish that goal.

  2. The NY Times had a calculator recently that showed how min wage increases would affect a local economy based on the avg wage of an area. The higher the average wage the less likely a higher min would cause job loss.

    In many places–but not all– 15 an hour would negatively affect the local economy. But most places could absorb 10 to 11 an hour without adverse affects.

    Of course most right wingers I know oppose ANY min wage at all. On “principle”. Just like they favor inherited wealth being tax free. Even if it blows a 300 billion hole in the budget to benefit a few thousand Americans. On “principle”

    As far as I can see their only principle is policy favoring the rich at all cost to anyone else.

  3. My experience us totally different.

    I have done legal work for several owners of Burger King and McDonalds franchises locally and both are Millionaires several times over.

    Indeed, there is great competition to land one of these national franchises and one must be fairly well off financially or have pretty good financial backing to land one.Im sure some don’t work out but most do.

    As for the minimum wage,every time an increase is proposed those opposed assure us that financial calamity is just around the corner, while the shenanigans on Wall Street are allowed to go on on the name of “Free Enterprise.Im much more concerned about that than the increase in the Minimum Wage.

    Fifteen dollars is little steep in my view.I would rather see it increased to say Nine Dollars immediately with incremental increases above the yearly increase in the Cost Of Living index over the next ten years or so then reevaluate.

  4. Fast food joints are a pretty competitive industry. Lots of restaurants around here have gone under or sold to other companies. Some of the restaurants could still be profitable at a $10 wage, but certainly not all.

    It should be noted that many otherwise liberal economists oppose increases in the minimum wage – including Paul Krugman until earlier this year.

  5. And those idiots cheering him on HATE Hispanics so much that they don’t give a damn about probably some of their own family and friends as long as he keeps the hatred flowing..

    These people are defined usually as “good people concerned about their country.”


  6. Trump said if we pay a living wage then we cannot compete internationally. So, he’s against raising the minimum wage. The leading candidate for President on the GOP side.

  7. I really get tired of all these articles about how we just can’t pay people a living wage and these poor old owners,most of whom are making money galore, complaining.

  8. In N Out burger in California and Nevada is one chain that pays its people well (start at 10 an hour), delivers a good product, still turns a healthy profit and never threatens to fire people and replace them with machines.

    Maybe instead of whining these other franchises can learn a lesson.

  9. I feel very sorry for people who own fast food franchises.

    Most of whom are millionaires.

    Life is a struggle.

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