Why do Jews Think bad of the two American President’s that have done Good for Israel?

A piece in Politico points to the President  Carter peace agreement with Egypt, a country that Israel almost lost a war to and President Obama , whose efforts to  prevent a war between Israel and  Iran.

Both American President’s where vilified by Israel, even though they worked tirelessly, against heavy odds to help Israel….

American HAS had Israeli’s back ever since the Seven day War with Egypt and from the comments for the Present Israeli Prime Minister you’d think things are different….

What gives?

The views of American Jewry are hardly monolithic; indeed despite the things being said about him by some conservative Jews Obama continues to have a higher approval rating among American Jews than he does among the public at large. Liberal Jewish groups like J Street have added to the debate, raising serious questions about Israel’s behavior. And yet many American Jews would concede there is a hard-line orthodoxy that prevails in Washington and demands total devotion to Israel. It is one that Netanyahu exploited in March when he spoke to thundering applause in Congress about Obama’s “very bad deal,” a deal that at that point didn’t even exist. It is this hard-line lobby that writer Peter Beinart found himself permanently at odds with after he dared to argue, in his essay “The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment” in The New York Review of Books in May 2010 and later in a book, that many young, liberal American Jews are disengaging from Zionism and the pro-Israel orthodoxy in this country because they cannot support much of what Israel does.

Obama is thus only sharing the fate of most modern U.S. presidents who have dared to cross official Israeli policy—and the American Jewish community. Somehow it seems that the ones who have worked hardest to preserve Israel have managed only to earn Israeli and Jewish mistrust and contempt.


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2 thoughts on “Why do Jews Think bad of the two American President’s that have done Good for Israel?”

    1. Not really
      Most American Jews voted for Obama
      Most of those same Jews could be against any deal with Iran BY Obama

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