Trump thinks Hillary will drop…If not?…He’ll Beat her…

The Donald does a Q & A with NBC’s Chuck Todd…..

Donald Trump told NBC News it would be a “miracle” if Hillary Clinton “is able to continue her run for president in the wake of the controversy surrounding her use of a private email server to conduct official business as Secretary of State — but if she does, he’ll beat her.”

Said Trump: “I think she may not be able to run, to be honest, because this whole email thing is a horrible thing.”


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32 thoughts on “Trump thinks Hillary will drop…If not?…He’ll Beat her…”

  1. How about this one from the same interview?

    Trump would trash President Obama ‘s order on illegal’s and order them ALL sent back…

  2. I will be posting more this evening on the Rich entertainer from New York that is turning the GOP 2016 Primary race upside down….

  3. Maybe you should direct some attention to the present runnerup to Trump,

    Doc Carson

    Who has labelled President Obama an anti Semite.

    This guy might be a great surgeon, but politically,

    He is the epitome of a hardcore Right Wing

  4. Well, I wonder who Jeb Bush gets his military advice from.

    I mean I really would like to know which one of these so called military ” leaders” really believe the Iraq War was a ” good idea.”

  5. “Rich entertainer” – now you’re back with the distractions!

    It’s a derogatory term and inaccurate to label him as entertainer. His accomplishments in life far outshines those of most people. And in tough environments too. He’s done great, and deserves respect for his business record.

  6. “Sending all the illegals back”….

    I scrolled through The Hill’s FB page today, they usually have around 50-200 likes on posts. Fifty to two hundred.

    The one on Trump’s “send them back” statement? Over 60.000 likes.

  7. Wolfowitz?

    The guy who said Iraqi oil sales would pay for George Ws War?

    Yeh there’s a guy to take “advice” from!

  8. There’s an interesting article over at Mediaite by Joe Concha,one of their resident Right Wingers ,wherein he labels Scott Walker,the Tim Tebow of politics.

    He notes that Walker has slid steadily in polling, has been unimpressive on the stump,was sort off a nonentity in the debate and does not photograph well describing him as having a ” hound dog” look.

    He opined that if Walker doesn’t win Iowa (he has slid from First to third over the last few weeks) he is likely finished.

    I snarkily noted the other day that I didn’t know of any real issue stands that he is known for, except opposing unions.Still, he was a favorite of The Billionaire Club hosted by the Koch boys a few weeks ago.So ,he probably has a little juice left in him,although Concha usually reflects moneyed interests thinking.

    Maybe this was a signal to Walker from his would be benefactors?

  9. Actually both Cheney and Wolfowitz were saying that, and now it appears that Trump wants to collect the money. But, with the price of oil as it is now, it wouldn’t be practical if it were even possible (and it isn’t).

    I forced myself to watch the Trump interview like any good car wreck. He speaks to the “know-nothings” of the Republican Party. Todd is also a lousy interviewer. He asked about the President’s birth certificate Trump led search and Trump merely said, “I’m not getting into that” and Todd moved on. Can you imagine him asking Hillary saying to Todd, “Chuck I’m not getting into that” and Todd moving on?

  10. Yeh that really hasn’t received the attention it deserves.

    Remember Trump claimed he had sent some “investigators” go to Hawaii(a probable lie) and that they had discovered some”interesting things.”

    The world needs to know about those “interesting things.”

    So much for the “librul” media.

  11. It was pathetic, Todd got pushed all over the place, and he threw soft balls at Sanders. But he did interview several “Iowa Democrats” at the Fair who had “concerns” about Hillary. One woman said she voted for her last time, but now thinks Hillary is an elitist. Not one favorable comment on Hillary, and yes, I detect a pompous bias. The DC press corps has never liked the Clintons.

  12. I STILL don’t get it…
    I know he’s going nowhere
    But he shows up at the debate
    Says almost NOTHING
    And is rising in the polls?

  13. EXCUSE ME???
    You have an issue with me calling the Trump campaign entertainment?
    The guy is about noise mixed with attacks against anyone who isn’t ‘nice’ to him?
    A guy who owns beauty pageant ‘s and TV shows?
    Who is bigger and better than anything as a Master of the Universe ?
    Who JUST started putting together a on the ground organization ?

  14. Yes respect
    4 bankruptcies
    Thousands laid off
    He says he’s worth $10B
    But the consensus is he’s worth maybe $1B
    On a good day and bullshits that he’d spend THAT on a campaign?

  15. Sorry I just can’t resist this one.

    To paraphrase YOU James,

    So he’s lying.He must REALLY be a politician!

  16. Really, why are you so concerned about Trump?

    You’re a Democrat,right?

    Trump is the Republican BS coming home to roost.

    Hey maybe he’s “more than one thing.!”


  17. I overheard two women talking about Trump

    ‘Do you listen to him?
    He’s histerical!
    He’s like a comedy show’

  18. Ok I would ask you Jack to ask 10 liberal business owners if ther should more government looking into their business?
    Of course I know you mean the government should be on the case of businessmen that screw over employees
    On THAT?
    We would both agree…

  19. Oh Bullshit!

    Name ten who don’t.What kind of dumbass argument is that?

    Name ten people who want to pay taxes?

    Goofy but,once again,a good Republican argument.

    I don’t give A DAMN what “businessmen want.”

    The recession of 2008 was caused almost TOTALLY by lack of regulatory control on “businessmen.”

    Of course an apologist like you shakes his head and says “ah too bad.” Then starts yakking on about the poor old “businessmen.”

    I couldn’t care LESS about them.Im concerned about how they screw over their employees like this piece of shit at Amazon.I don’t give a damn about him or his “money.”And what do you say?Well it’s the employees fault.They oughta quit.Maybe they can’t James.Ever thought about that?

    No,all you’re concerned with is the poor old “businessman.”

    I want to see assholes like this bastard “regulated” till he squeals and you know what He will do?
    NOTHING cause he’s a greedy prick who will make a buck anyways.

    Yeh James it’s good that “businessmen” have you looking out for them.

    Kerp up the good work!

  20. I might add this kind of “argument” is what I would expect from Manila or C or Donald Trump!

    Maybe you ought to think about that?

  21. Of course, much government regulation is intrusive and mindless, but much of that’s because every adverse decision gets delayed forever in litigation. Regulations and procedures then get more cumbersome and elaborate to accommodate past, present, prospective and future litigation.

    And many business that try at least half-way to to the right thing don’t like being undercut by less circumspect competitors. They don’t mind some regulation if it applies to everyone equally.

    This in turn raise all kinds of Cato Institute-type arguments about business-government cartels by the established and big against the small and enterprising. For example, do hair-braiders need regulation, or does this just protect licensed beauticians? What about taxi medallions? Uber and Lyft and Airbnb?

  22. Regulation by itself is neither good nor bad. There are some regulations in the insurance industry that do absolutely nothing other than raise costs. But they probably sound good to the public. Other regulations make perfect sense.

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