The Secret Service gets a green light to hire….

After a year of missteps and intense scrutiny…..

Congress has voted to reverse the cuts inflicted on the agency by the Homeland Security Department….

The Secret Service plans to hire 1,100 personnel in the wake of a series of embarrassing security lapses that flung the agency into the crosshairs of Congress, according to a new report.

The embattled agency will add 700 uniformed officers and 400 agents over five years, expanding its staff by nearly 17 percent from its current 6,647 employees, Reuters reported.

That represents the biggest hiring increase in more than a decade for the agency, which is best known for its responsibility for protecting the president, vice president and their families.

The agency also works to protect senior officials and combat financial crime.

Highly publicized security lapses at the White House toward the end of last year led to a new director.

Two law enforcement officials told Reuters about the hiring spike, which comes amid a 16 percent increase in the agency’s budget to $2.2 billion….


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One thought on “The Secret Service gets a green light to hire….”

  1. ….’Reps. Elijah E. Cummings (Md.) and Bennie G. Thompson (Miss.), the ranking Democrats on the Oversight and Government Reform and Homeland Security committees, respectively, sent a letter Tuesday to the House Appropriations Committee urging it to approve funding for 2016 and 2020 Secret Service overtime pay.

    As our country’s grown increasingly multicultural, pioneering efforts by Hispanics from every field have helped define – and refine – our social, political and cultural landscape.
    Citing a USA Today article that said at least 1,000 agents have maxed out their pay, the letter said, “the Secret Service has a no-fail mission, and we cannot expect to achieve adequate staffing levels when so many agents are being asked to work overtime for free.”

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