NY Daily News to Trump…DONALD’S TALK IS CHEAP….

Donald Trumps Hometown paper calls him out on policy…..

DONALD’S TALK IS CHEAP: Big-mouth candidate offers little in specifics, says he’ll explain policies ‘probably in September’


…from the NY Daily News…..

If the devil’s in the details, Donald Trump just may be on the side of the angels.

Since cannonballing into the race for President in mid-June with his signature bluster, the Republican real-estate billionaire has shot to the top of the polls — and offered barely any specifics on the big-ticket policy issues that worry voters the most.

During a swing through New Hampshire Friday — about two months to the day since Trump launched his White House bid — the front-runner promised details on his tax and immigration policies — soon.

“We have some amazing people working on immigration,” said Trump, who fired up the election cycle during his very first speech by slamming undocumented newcomers from Mexico as “rapists” and criminals.

He told reporters more details would come to light “over the next two or three weeks — probably sometime during September. OK?”

A Trump press officer declined Friday to comment on the rollout of nuts-and-bolts policy proposals.

But an early September announcement would bring Trump right up to the second televised debate between the GOP presidential candidates….


He gave no such detail, things like how much it would cost to deport all those people, or how it would be done, or how many additional government employees would be employed to complete this task. No such details, other than bluster. Compare this proposal with what Hillary has come up with on student loans or the environment and you will see real specifics. And, those reporters in that bubble are only confused as to how to respond to a bullshit artist. Since he gives… Read more »
I meant specifics on objectives, not operational process. Deporting all illegal immigrants is very specific in the sense that it’s not just “we need a reform”. And specifics on process is often not possible to give, as it would be an evolving project, which is where the confidence and trust aspect comes into play. Which might be why Trump is doing so well, and reporters from the political bubble often seem confused. People trust his ability for accomplishments, which often trumps (pun intended) other candidates… Read more »

Mac, while I wouldn’t necessarily expect a candidate to offer specifics in a stump speech, what details did Trump provide on how he will get Mexico to build the wall, and how will he return Mexicans to Mexico? Link?


Silly headline.

He just gave detailed and very controversial specifics about immigration. He will do the same on tax policy.