Democrats have Hillary…It’s Too Late for anyone else…

I agree with Chris Clillizza over at the Fix @ The Washington Post…

All this Biden and Gore talk is just people worried about Hillary Clinton’s campaign , which has her ahead of the entire Democratic and Republican field , but features a luke warm Hillary Clinton carrying a email dead weight around her ankle….(And memories of her last effort)

Dear Democrats: It’s too late to start over.

As in, there’s no replacing Hillary Rodham Clinton as your party’s front-runner for the presidential nomination. Not with Vice President Biden — even if he runs. Not with former vice president Al Gore. (I mean, come on.) Not with your ideal rich-person-with-no-record-and-a-fresh-faced-appeal.

This may come as a shock to some of you. After all, you argue, it’s only August! The Iowa caucuses won’t be until February! That’s, like, four political lifetimes.

Sure. But modern presidential politics isn’t as simple as announcing that you’ve decided to run and watching yourself soar to the top of the polls. (Unless, of course, you are Donald Trump, who appears entirely immune to every political law of gravity.)…


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One thought on “Democrats have Hillary…It’s Too Late for anyone else…”

  1. The latest Fox News poll shows that Hillary continues to plummet. She now trails Rubio and Bush and only leads Trump by 5 points.

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