Trump throws at the Republican Field that he leads…

The  ‘Me…I…Me’ guy keeps up his attacks on the 2016 GOPer’s , who have fallen behind his Entertainment show….(while leading in the polls…He only has one office and a bus , as campaign offices in Iowa….He’s getting Ron Paul people there…)

The guy is ridding so high against the ‘political field’ that has been able to take time off going to sports evens while the GOPer’s run around in circles trying to get some media coverage…

Donald Trump, doing a giddy victory lap after surviving another seemingly campaign-sinking controversy, went on a tear on Friday night, delivering take-downs of many of his rivals.

Before a packed audience here at Winnacunnet High School, the real estate mogul and Republican presidential candidate offered a long, rambling speech laced with jabs at former Florida governor Jeb Bush, Sen. Rand Paul, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Sen. Lindsey Graham, and former business executive Carly Fiorina.

Trump, who is still topping polls despite his panned performance at last week’s debate and his attacks on Fox News host Megyn Kelly, went after those who he said have attacked him, and have paid the price with voter support.

At a press conference ahead of his speech, Trump started out by going after Bush.

“What a mistake Iraq was. And I heard Jeb Bush talking about it. First of all it took him five days to give an answer,” Trump said, referring to Bush’s comments earlier this year during which he struggled to answer whether, in hindsight, he would have invaded Iraq, as his brother did. “And after the pollsters told him what to say, he said it was bad. Now he’s trying to backtrack. Probably because his brother said, ‘Hey, wait a minute, you’re killing me here. You said it’s bad. That’s my legacy. The Iraq war.’ The Iraq war is a disaster for the Bushes.”

Next was a hit on Paul, who’s been repeatedly attacking Trump.
“Rand Paul, you have to understand, is a disaster in the polls. He’s a disaster on military and defense,”


24 thoughts on “Trump throws at the Republican Field that he leads…”

    1. He, he

      Picking on the rich guy THAT FLAUNTS IT is bad?

      Especially when just a few years ago THAT got ya abuse?
      My Bad?

  1. The GOP caucus elections often look like a power play to me. Recall how Romney mysteriously won Iowa in 2012, only to find out later on that he didn’t.

    1. I assume the power play will be evident again next year between the top GOPer’s…
      Should be interesting
      We’ll see if Trump can out fox the Bizentine rules and customs of the process…

  2. Amusingly,and I say this because of your well known antipathy to Trump,that last post of yours sounds like what Trump is going to say ,but With much blunter language of course, when he loses.

    1. Breathlessly Breaking!!!

      Trump offers rides in his S-76 private helicopter at the Iowa State Fair!

      The guy faults his wealth doing something that would have the media jumping ALLOVER Mitt Romney and had the media chastise Hillary Clinton for campaigning in 2008
      Trump is just the rich guy
      And he don’t care
      And people, even not so well to do ones LOVE him for it!
      The world HAS turned upside down
      For Sure!

  3. A clear example of that is McCain beating Bush in New Hampshire. The establishment was all behind Bush. No, contrary to what one of our former prolific posters would have contended. These things cannot be rigged in the way James suggested. Can votes, especially absentee votes be stolen, yes. But that is another story in of itself.

  4. I dont understand your BTW comment

    Yes it’s true that the Party “controls” the apparatus of the caucuses in particular.I mean they set them up, pick the locations etc.,but they have no operational control of who the caucus goers vote for

    The primaries?Not so much.Those are usually controlled by state election commissions.

    What exactly are you suggesting?That the “Establishment” will somehow manipulate the results?

    I don’t buy into that at all.

    1. I just meant there are literally thousands the have gotten their jobs in local/state places THRU the party….

      THOSE are estblishment base votes…

      Thye WILL vote for the establishment person least they lose their jobs…

      I do NOT KNOW if that will carry things for others….

      Around my way it does help keep the GOPer’s in drivers seat…

      1. And I don’t know…

        But I assume there are sometimes some skulldriggery going on during primaty season WITHIN the parties…

  5. In my view, Trump and Bernie Sanders are not going to be the nominees of either the Republican of Democratic parties.

    Such ,however, Is Ultimately going to be because of the inherent limitations of their candidacies NOT because they are not formal members of the respective parties whose nomination they are seeking.

    Merely constantly reciting that fact is really meaningless.

    1. If Sanders WAS seriously pressing Hillary
      I’d think the ‘Socialist’thing WOULD be used against him pretty strongly….

  6. Yes I know you and some others are continually reminding us of that.

    But it seems to be having NO effect on his supporters ,who may call themselves “Republicans” but,as I’ve pointed out, seem to be as angry at the Republican Party itself as they are at the Democrats.

    As long as Trump is saying what they want to hear,the technicalities of his party affiliation seems to be to be of little importance.

    1. True that….

      I just make the differentciation because I feel that ALL the people who are associated and make their rent/mortgage payments because of their party connection ‘s would stand to worry about things…
      Those people can ill afford to go out their way for someone who is fights against their livelihood….
      IT IS IMPORTANT to them
      And they WILL be there in the primary process
      The others?
      Yea you’re right
      They could care less
      Interesting thing about the Ron Paul sngle, eh?

  7. From Bill Maher on those supporting Trump:

    “They’re just tired of the saying that if we only had candidates as good as the people.They know they’re not good.Theyre not bright and they don’t know anything..”

    That about sums up those whooping it up for Trump.

  8. Dont forget that he’s anti abortion in all cases, including rape and incest. A position no Republican nominee has ever held.

  9. Marco Rubios two big pronouncements lately?

    He would once again break diplomatic relations with Cuba and enforce federal marijuana laws in Colorado.

    Good moves there Marco.

    Keep right on that track!

    And this guy is an uh ” First tier candidate?”

    1. These Rubio statement’s are just pandering to the rightwingnuts….
      They have NO basis to reality…

    1. Amen…..

      (Technically?….He’s an Independent, running as a GOPer….he seems to NOT like the GRAND OLD PARTY too much, eh?)


      The guy seems to have only ONE PARTY


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