Hillary Clinton comes out swinging at Iowa Get together

Hillary Clinton dials it up a bit….Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke Friday night at the Wing Ding Dinner in Clear Lake, Iowa.

She is under pressure to come across STRONGER to counter bad media (And Republican Glee) over her email and Benghazi stories that keep going…on and On…and ON….

Hillary Rodham Clinton was in political warrior mode as she addressed Democratic activists here Friday night, delivering a fiery, rip-roaring speech designed to help quiet concerns about her weaknesses as a presidential front-runner.

Clinton took the burgeoning controversy over her private e-mail server head-on, saying probes into her correspondence as secretary of state as well as her handling of the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya, are nothing short of a political witch hunt by her Republican opponents.

“It’s not about Benghazi,” Clinton said. “And you know what, it’s not about e-mails or servers either. It’s about politics.”

Clinton vowed to fight back aggressively, saying, “I won’t get down in the mud with them. I won’t play politics with national security or dishonor the memory of those we lost. I won’t pretend this is anything other than what it is: the same old partisan games we’ve seen so many times before. I don’t care how many super PACs and Republicans pile on. I’ve been fighting for families and underdogs my entire life and I’m not going to stop now.”

Clinton’s remarks came at the Iowa Democratic Wing Ding, an event that drew four of the party’s five presidential candidates (former senator Jim Webb of Virginia did not attend) to the historic Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake….


A defiant Hillary Clinton unleashed her harshest attacks on Republicans yet, bringing a rowdy crowd of Democratic activists to its feet Friday night by labeling the entire GOP field “just like (Donald) Trump without the pizzaz and the hair.”

In a 20-minute speech before 2,000 people at the Iowa Democratic Wing Ding dinner here, Clinton attacked three Republican presidential contenders by name, blasting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush over education funding.

She hit Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — again, by name — over his accusation that Clinton is playing the “gender card,” saying, “If calling for equal pay and paid leave is playing the gender card, then deal me in.”

And Clinton bashed the Citizens United-produced attack film “Hillary: The Movie.” She noted that the Supreme Court case over the conservative group led to a decision that allowed unfettered money in politics — a ruling, she said, that “was about me.”

“How do you think that makes me feel?” Clinton said. “They ended up damaging our entire democracy. We can’t let them pull that same trick again.”

“I don’t care how many super PACs and Republicans pile on. I’ve been fighting for families….


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93 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton comes out swinging at Iowa Get together”

  1. Oh, yeah, while it may not be a criminal matter, how did those lost Rose Law Firm files magically appear one night?

    It’s the vague kind of thing that erodes trust.

    Like Zreebs, I’m not about to get into the right-wing conspiracy syndrome, but there are genuine reasons for doubts among Democrats.

  2. I understand that you guys don’t care for Hillary.

    Both of you have made that fairly clear.

    Indeed, Zreebs , a pretty liberal fellow,even indicated he would consider supporting John Kasich ,a very Conservative Republican,so little did he think of the likely Democratic nominee.

    Hillary s not my favorite either,but the fact is that at the end of the day,your choice is likely to be between her and one of the Republicans.How many of those people do you “trust?”

    I would really think about that .

    As to Whitewater ,I’ve already said my piece,but , quite frankly, I’ve never seen either of you raise this issue till today.You certainly have the right to believe what you want about it,but,I must say, it seems odd to base your opposition to her on questions relating to an old land deal from thirty years ago.

    You don’t “trust” her?What exactly does that even mean really?How many people on politics can one really say they “trust?”

    With all her foibles can you really say she would be worse that Any of these very Right Wing Republcans?

    Make no mistake,ultimately that’s the REAL issue, not a thirty year old land deal and not some emails.

  3. I lived through it all and I had friends at the White House who got hauled before the Starr Committee for simply saying to a White House intern at a public event, “keep your self between the President and that Monica girl, she acts in an inappropriate manner.” For that comment my friend and others had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fee because they wouldn’t tell Starr (his investigators) what they wanted to hear — and believe me, they told people what they wanted them to say. Starr came to his work to find wrongdoing. He never came with any presumption of innocence, not any. His investigators were all partisan Republicans who hated the Clintons. And still they didn’t find any evidence of any wrong doing. But, everyone is entitled to their suspicions.

    The McDougal’s stonewalled because they were guilty of financial fraud, and that still doesn’t mean that Bill or Hillary knew anything about what they were doing. Do you really think they said to Bill, “hey, just cooked the books on Whitewater today.” I really don’t think that happened, and in the end, the Clintons lost money. So indict him bad business judgment (something the Republicans are now rewarding Trump for), but not for financial fraud.

  4. I trust her to be a good President, just like I trusted Bill to be a good President. We can rehash something from 30 years ago, my stuff was certainly put out there. But, there are two sides to every story. And, that has always been my point. There certainly was in my situation.

    Rose Law Firm? What did they find in those records? Once again, erode trust? A vague feeling the erodes trust. How about this — do you trust Jeb Bush not to hire his brother’s foreign affairs advisers (since he already has), do you trust Donald Trump or Ben Carson with women’s rights, and do you trust John Kasich to appoint Supreme Court Justices that will rule the way Obama and Clinton’s appointees have ruled? I think not. You couldn’t possible trust them on those issues and I could go on and on. But, I trust Hillary to do the right thing. That’s really all I need.

  5. don’t worry – I will NEVER trust Jeb. I can say right now that I would prefer Hillary over him. I also will never trust either Carson or Trump. I do, however, trust many Democrats. Although I am not for Sanders, at least I feel I could trust him.

    I know less about Kasich than the other Republicans. Thus, I don’t have an opinion yet on whether to trust him. But if he is the hawk you suggest that he is, then I can’t see myself voting for him. Period.

    The Supreme Court nominee is important to me and that will influence my final decision.

    One final thought… If Hillary continues to fall further down in the polls (even though Keith keeps telling us she is hitting the ball out of the park) then Hillary just might not be the nominee. Being behind Bush and Rubio and only 5 points in the AP poll over Trump should be reason for you to think that she just maybe might not be the best candidate. It is still only August. Suppose she falls further behind in September and October? At what point do you reconsider your support for her?

    The “trust” issue is not going to go away.

  6. No it’s not.

    I think,however, that any matchup is going to be close. likely something like 52/48 ,no matter who the candidates are,thus reflecting the rough split in the present electorate.

    Given that split ,the chances of a Reagan /Mondale blowout are almost nil.

  7. I really don’t believe that anyone can beat Hillary for the nomination, it is too late, even if Sanders won both Iowa and NH. Hillary is the flavor of the month with the media and the clown car. The Republicans go after her to attract the base and in doing so sink her approval numbers. She will recover just as Bill did, and Obama did, as the narrative changes. The trust issue needs to be managed, and she starts by doing what she has been doing, releasing the material and talking the issue down. Having said that, the email issue is bullshit, the security stuff too – nothing was compromised. And, she needs to find a plain spoken way of explaining that.

  8. Let’s remember how Hillary, after making many missteps and losing something like 12 primaries and caucuses to Obama in 2008 roared back and almost won the nomination by piling up impressive victories in OH and PA

    There was a backlash from her supporters, mostly middle and working class women.

    Even if Sanders wins IA and NH do we really think that same group won’t come out en masse to support Hillary. Not to mention the black vote.

  9. I don’t know about Iowa and Nbut when it gets to SC,Hillary is going to win in a massive landslide.

    The SC Primary vote will be 60-70% Black and she will easily get most of that.

    Sanders support will be limited to some White liberals along the coast.

  10. I don’t expect Sanders to drop out just because Hillary wins some primaries. Don’t be surprised if Sanders wins a few states AFTER Hillary essentially wraps up the thing.

  11. It’s possible Sanders could win a couple of states later on the calendar. Esp his home state. Hell Dean won it after he dropped out!

  12. After seeing Bernie Sanders on Meet the Press, after reading an uncomplimentary profile in Saturday’s New York Times, I now doubt that he has the flexibility or the staying power to make a serious bid.

    But he still has the stamina to make a serious mark in the nominating process.

  13. And Sanders’ weakness is not the same as strength for Hillary Clinton. She’s still streets too cautious and scripted. Shrill, rather than responsive, replies to the e-mail issue (“it’s all about politics”) won’t win over the doubters.

  14. You guys warm my heart..
    She may be hard to like but she’s the one this time and Democrats ARE gonna HAVE to come out and vote
    The party could use some STRONG coattail’s to get the US Senate back
    And to narrow the score in the House and get back some local and State offices lost recently….

  15. I assume if Sanders gets clobbered in SC
    He’ll be out of money and media
    In the end he should release any delegates he would have to Hillary
    Let’s not forget he’s been careful NOT to go after Hillary hard….

  16. Should Hillary have released her delegates? I don’t remember you advocating that. Why be inconsistent?

  17. Well, If it becomes obvious that Hillary is going to win the primary, I might as well vote in the GOP primary for the least offensive candidate. That way, if Hillary blows the general election, we at least won’t gave someone as bad as former President Cheney.

  18. Buchanan in 96, Keyes in 2000, Kucinich in 04, Ron Paul in 08 and 12. All candidates who kept delegates till the convention.

    Sure, let Bernie do the same. Why not?

  19. The delegates isn’t…..

    If ya win…

    Ya WIN….

    Sanders isn’t gonna give Hillary a hard time I suggest…

    He could even end up pledging his dlelgates to her in the end to strengthen her win…
    Just a thought…

  20. You wanted someone to “challenge” the weak Hillary. DEAL WITH IT. Deal with Bernie keeping the delegates, winning NH and other states, and possibly getting the nomination too!

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