Sec of State Kerry there for American Flag raised over US Embassy in Cuba…

It’s about time….

Now Cuba and the American Congress need to join in opening things up for its citizens and business….

Secretary of State John Kerry presided over the raising of the U.S. flag over the newly re-established American Embassy in Cuba on Friday, a landmark moment marked by hopes for the future, lingering Cold War tensions and a slew of Republican criticism.

Kerry, speaking before a select crowd that included the three Marines who lowered the American flag in Havana when the two countries broke off ties in 1961, described the decision to resume diplomatic relations as a “courageous one” by U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro. But, at times speaking in Spanish, Kerry also warned that Cubans’ lives would not change overnight, and that the U.S. would continue to champion democratic principles.

“Let me be clear: The establishment of normal diplomatic relations is not something that one government does as favor to another,” said Kerry, the first U.S. secretary of state to visit the communist-led island since 1945. “It is something that two countries do together when the citizens of both will benefit.”


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  1. It is an issue for some Republicans, but no Democrats I know. The folks in Mendocino County just North of us here in California can have ten plants for their own personal use.

    I, for one, am looking forward to total legalization. It will keep the folks up here from trying to sneak on to our property, and the neighbor’s property, to plant crops (and steal water), and we can tax the sale.

  2. Well then why every couple of weeks publish an article about it like it’s a major isdue?

    It isn’t really .As you point out several states (twelve or so) have decriminalized simple possession with no moves by the feds to do anything about it.

  3. No James, you came out to the box saying, “it ain’t gonna happen.” You then went on one of your searches for reasons it couldn’t happen grabbing onto Dave’s comments about Menendez, not realizing this was already a done deal and that Hillary was in favor of recognition.

  4. Yeh,James, I remember when you were mouthing that stuff off.

    Just another example of how you ALWAYS have a problem with accepting anything that runs counter to the status quo.

    A more recent example is your refusal to accept Colorados legalization of marijuana.You,Chris Christie,Marco Rubio ,good company you’re keeping there….

    1. I don’t have to accept Colorado ‘s grass policy
      They have done it
      I have recently pushed that there is conflict between state and federal law on the stuff
      That has persisted and causes issues
      Most states and local governments have decriminalized small possion anyways
      But a few states are pissed at Colorado and have gone to court
      He, he
      Shit you can get a few joint anywhere anyways

  5. No, actually you didn’t say that James. What you said is, “ain’t gonna happen” because it would hurt Hillary, and you stuck to that line until Dave threw you another possible argument (that Senator Menendez wouldn’t like it). Both were inaccurate, very inaccurate. At the time I told you that this had been under consideration by the Obama Administration for years, and he was most likely waiting until his second term to pull the trigger. It had nothing to do with Hillary, but she had always been a supporter of ending the embargo (something else you were told by Dave).

    1. Well Keith I remember that
      But I remember a second ‘if’answer
      This gives Hillary time no matter what

  6. But you said Obama would not do it because it would hurt Hillary – are you saying Obama wasn’t supposed to recognize Cuba?

    1. Probably Keith
      But I also remember saying that IF HE WAS going to do it?
      He’d do it after he won a second term
      THAT I’m pretty much sure I DID say..

    1. Barack Obama waited for the Right Time…
      He doesn’t need Florida
      He’s not running for President again
      Hillary does need Florida
      But the anti-Cuba people seem to just be GOPer voters anyways and so far they have been quiet
      Oh, Rubio is talking trash
      But he’s gonna be unemployed
      Props to Obama
      Congress under the GOPer’s can drag their feet and look stupid

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