Harkin endorses Clinton in Iowa

The way it’s looking now Bernie sanders will have good time in New Hampshire and that’s about all…

Hillary has maintained a good lead in Iowa. even as her numbers come back down to earth…

Former Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin (D) has endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton ahead of her visit to the Iowa State Fair this weekend.

“As Iowans and as a nation we fought back from a terrible recession, but we are making progress. Now it’s time for a president who can create a stronger future,” Harkin wrote in Friday’s Des Moines Register.

“As Democrats, we’re fortunate to have a slate of candidates that are all fine individuals, but we need a fighter who has a record of getting things done and the vision for the future that will build on the progress we’ve made. For my wife, Ruth and I, that candidate is Hillary Clinton,” Harkin added.

Harkin praised Clinton in his op-ed for “championing the needs of children,” and advocating broader access to healthcare, education and jobs, among other issues.


Scott P

Chafee may not have any endorsements in his own family.


Harkin is a nice endorsement to get. I don’t think that my buddy Lincoln Chafee has any endorsements yet.