Trump has made it a straight out Popularity contest..Forget the Politics

Matt Taibbi is out with a piece in Rolling Stone that hits it out of the park….

He looks at the top name guys in the 2016 Republican Presidential Sweepsatkes contest and focuses on how, becuase of Donald Trump, the whole established rules for running for President have been thrown out the window…..

Trump, and publicity whizzard, has sucked ALL the air out of th entire American political process….

His one liners , and personal attacks on anyone that slights him, has locked the media into constant feedoing freezy….Taibbi reports up close how the Republican candiadtes are religated to trying say ANYTHING to get the press horde to give them some coverage….

Taibbi coins the thought that Donald Trump has brought back Democracy , by bypassing the Republican party establishment , and going staright to it’s members …..(Trump is NOT a registerd Republican)….AND THE MEDIA….(And he will attack they if they don’t fall in line and be ‘nice’ to him.)..

(Hillary Clinton, a Democrat with a viagina and a history doesn’t get the same pass….)

In the end Taibbi points out something that is very evident to those who haven’t succumbed to the Trump Bull Shit show….

The thing is, when you actually think about it, it’s not funny. Given what’s at stake, it’s more like the opposite, like the first sign of the collapse of the United States as a global superpower. Twenty years from now, when we’re all living like prehistory hominids and hunting rats with sticks, we’ll probably look back at this moment as the beginning of the end.

In a perverse way, Trump has restored a more pure democracy to this process. He’s taken the Beltway thinkfluencers out of the game and turned the presidency into a pure high-school-style popularity contest conducted entirely in the media. Everything we do is a consumer choice now, from picking our shoes to an online streaming platform to a presidential nominee.

The irony, of course, is that when America finally wrested control of the political process from the backroom oligarchs, the very first place where we spent our newfound freedom and power was on the campaign of the world’s most unapologetic asshole. It may not seem funny now, because it’s happening to us, but centuries from this moment, people will laugh in wonder.

America is ceasing to be a nation, and turning into a giant television show. And this Republican race is our first and most brutal casting call.



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36 thoughts on “Trump has made it a straight out Popularity contest..Forget the Politics”

  1. “Hillary Clinton, a Democrat with a viagina and a history doesn’t get the same pass…”

    She will be using her pass on this E mail crap. Ruthless, she will put a pillow over the face of any inconvenient truth. Male chauvinist pigs like myself should beware.

    As to Trump, he has refreshed the public debate. The question is that if elected would he lead us out of the abyss or into it? The good news is most Americans now know what at least some of the names of the other GOP candidates are besides Bush.

    PS: Watch out for the dollar book Freud associations.

    Ta, ta!

    1. The email investigation is NOT focussed on her as the reports seem to say….

      The FBI is looking at the State Dept’s whoile email system….

      There are tens of thosands of email’s involved….

      The ‘secret ‘ stuff has post dated marked so….

      So when Hillary typed it …It wasn’t….

      The sever went to Obama’s Justice Dept by way of the FBI…Not to House guys TRY to find something to derail hillary getting elected President….


      How about Trump?
      ANYBODY who odesn’t do what HE wants gets broadsided with two days of qips and headlines…

      On the other hand ?
      I LIKE Trump tearing up the GOP/RNC in broad daylight…
      Will hopefully make it easier for the Dem’s next November…

      After all?
      The Donald is NOT a Republican.
      WTF should he care about them?
      He was Democrat at least TWICE, right?

      1. Break Thru!

        Chuck Todd MSNBC has finally acknowlkedged that Trump has stalled but Carson and Walker ARE gaining….

        Silver and others have begun to look at the actual things going on besides Trump screaming ….’Me..I…Me’

  2. In a RINO world, Trump being a Republican is hardly the point.

    He’s tapping into the rights dissatisfaction.

    Dissatisfaction that with a porous border Latin American organized crime just made many millions on smuggling children across, money that now is used to payoff corrupt Mexican officials so well that a tunnel can be dug into a MAX security prison to free the boss.

    I think Katich will be the nominee but Trump will be in it till the end.

  3. Pardon my Pepsodent, It’s about keeping up with Albert Lasker, not the Kardashians.

    “My point is Trump is actually trying to rip the GOP/RNC apart…”

    I think he really wants to be the Pres. He would be stupid to go 3rd party when he has a lead. I would be stupid not to respond in a poll with anything else but Trump. What I do on election day is my business.

    Also, the GOP does need him for that to happen. The media would have simply promoted someone else to the job of rabble rousing troublemaker on this reality TV Show. It’s “Gunfight in a life boat!” the mini series.

    PS: Kaitlin Jenner for VP with Trump? She is a republican.

  4. Uh, James?

    Many of us here have been saying the EXACT same thing as Taibbi.

    Trump isn’t playing by the traditional rules.

    That’s been our point all along.

    It is YOU who have insisted on viewing Trumps candidacy as a traditional one and analyzing it as such.When we would differ, you would accuse us of at least being sympathetic to him,if not out and out supporting him.

    Now this article comes out and you act as if you’ve “discovered” something that has actually been OBVIOUS for awhile now.

    Better late than never I guess.

    1. Donald Trump will NOT succed outside the GOP/RNC system…

      I have continually pointed to that….

      I HAVE , as you have said complained about his trying to Kojak THAT system ….
      As I just agreed with Manila…

      It won’t work in the end…
      You and others give the impression that Trump COULD be successfull by arousing support from disattified GOPer’s…

      I feel that Trump can count on no more than 25% of the GOP….

      Taibbi’s pice is clear in supporting my postion that Donald Trump is style wityh little of no substance and is self centered , with NO regard for the way American politics IS and WILL be gamed after he fades from the spotlight, making MORE money probably…

      I was NEVER late on this…

      I had it from the Jump….

  5. The above statement that I hve given the “impression” that Trump could win is a lie.

    I want you NOW to show where I ever said such thing.

    I have simply pointed out that AT PRESENT he was doing well.

    Indeed I have CONSISTENTLY pointed out that his long term prospects weren’t good, that he had NO organization and that there was only a 50/50 chance that he would even be around for the Iowa caucuses.

    It is YOU who have been so OBSESSED with Trump that you have CONSISTENTLY ignored what I and or others have actually SAID and instead of substituted blatantly UNTRUTHFUL statements and insinuations to conform with your preconceived narrative.

    Let me repeat

    You are LYING!

    Got it?


    1. He, he, he….

      So YOU (of You guys) haven’t said here EVER that Trump COULD Win, eh?

      Or said, IF he WAS to win?

      I guess THAT has got you ALL Hot and Bothered?
      It’s just the Middle of the day….
      I can’t wait to see what comes later!

  6. And of course you could not have


    I grow tired of your consistent LYING about what I and others say.

    A simple”NO ” is not sufficient.

    A LIAR needs to be called out on his LIES.

    I have called you out and by your silly attempts at humor you prove my point.

    Just quit LYING how about it?

      1. We ALL Perceive things different from time to time…

        That’s just a perception thing….

        Not deliberate

        But of course you don’t have that as a issue…

        YOUR perception is gospell…

        EVERYONE else’s isn’t?

        I’m just having fun Jack….

        Sometimes I get it right…

        Sometimes I don’t…

        But I CAN deal with it….


    This has NOTHING to do with


    This has to do with you CONSISTENTLY making claims that people SAID things they didn’t.Thats called


    When called on your LIES you often try to wiggle out with roundabout garbage like the above.

    Of course this all has to do with your rather juvenile longing to be “right.”You frequently sprinkle your comments with “I told you so’s” often on mundane matters that no one disputed.You then imply that other posters here were “wrong.”

    You are the most “wrong” person here BY FAR.Your analysises are consistently off the wall,sometimes out and out looney.

    Actually you should thank me.I at least take your talk seriously.Others simply ignore you which in some ways is the worst put down of all.

    1. He, he, he

      I see you are continuing your rant?


      Purge yourself
      It’s good for the soul
      And it’s FREE!

    1. The goal of the coment was EXACTLY what I wrote…
      I hope he can get it out of his system so we can move on
      This place is about politics and other stuff
      Not name calling….

  8. James irritates me daily with his sophomoric attempts at portraying himself as “seeing” things that are OBVIOUS to everyone here,yet acting as if he’s the only one who does.

    When he purposefully misquotes people and pretends that they have said or implied things that they haven’t,I call him what he is.

    Like the child caught with his hand in the cookie jar he then attempts to shrug the whole incident off with some vague “humor.”

    Childish?For sure but we have grown accustomed to such things.

    I will continue to call him out in forceful language when he tells he does so.

    I don’t think lying is “fun,” nor is labeling the person who does so “name calling.”

  9. From Political Wire:

    Trump is now apparently actually building an organization in Iowa and making a real bid to win the caucuses.

    Until recently ,his effort ,as it existed,was not very sophisticated and called into question his ability to compete in a caucus state where turning out people on a cold and sometimes snowy night is more important than stirring them up with speeches.

    This move also shows that his campaign is now moving in more traditional direction rather than just being focused on his daily utterings

    Interesting development.

    1. Further on Trump in Iowa
      One office and a BUS with his name in big letters on it….
      He’s in first place according to polling with CARSON in second and Walker in 3rd…

  10. James,

    I won’t interfere in this thread, but I really hope you could stop using the “he,he,he..” thing.

    It really has no place in a discussion on this forum/blog. Laughing in peoples faces is not something you should do. Please stop.

  11. In fairness to James, he often uses that “He, he, he” (which would be more readily understandable as “hee, hee, hee”) to laugh with people or at the jokes they intentionally crack.

    But in the middle of these constant adolescent squabbles, he does so in a patronizing or belittling way (“surely, you’re joking”, when his colocutors are not).

  12. A little late for Trump to create an organization in Iowa – I think I would hate being a staffer in that campaign

    1. Agreed on Trump in Iowa Keith
      Maybe he’ll just try to stand on a street corner and hand out money for vote?

  13. Trump moves on in Iowa according to his standard business tactics I think. Taking one step at a time, evaluating, and probably concluded that the first 2 months have gone rather well.

    Thus expanding the operation according to a changing environment, while making money on his online shop, arguably boosting his brand, spending very little (using mostly tweets, phone calls and instagram), and seeing either further progress in the campaign, or some profitable developments for a return to his business world afterwards.

  14. What do the words “organization” and “Trump” have in common right now?

    He’s building but it’s all spontaneous right now.

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