Political Roundup for August 13, 2015…Waiting for Hillary to stall?….RRH Elections


Clinton: National Journal provides the best description I have seen in awhile of the Clinton campaign… it is a colossus and a catastrophe.  They highlight how Clinton seems to be getting more engulfed in the email scandal, but she still remains on top waiting for someone to push her.

More Clinton: In one of the first signs the Clinton campaign views the email scandal being problematic, the campaign is trying to calm supporters that she is not under criminal investigation.  Clinton tuned over her email server to the FBI this week.  This is in light of news that Clinton’s server contained top secret information….



The Republicans are praying for Hillary to stumble as Sanders stall, Biden thinks about it and the other two guys remain invisible…..

Oh, and they make things up about the email thing that keeps coming up withy nothing but looks at  Hillary’s personal day to day life….