Carly Fiorina Update…The GOP’s answer to it’s Women Problem?

Fiorina has emerged within the Republican 2016 Presidential candiates as the one who can and has taken on first Hillary Clinton…and now Donald Trump in the name of women….

(Yes, Clinton AND Trump are targets for the Republican establishmnet types)

This week, Donald J. Trump said that listening to Carly Fiorina, the only woman competing for the Republican presidential nomination, gave him “a massive headache.”

It was music to Mrs. Fiorina’s ears.

For months, the former Hewlett-Packard executive has tried to gain traction by pointedly attacking Hillary Rodham Clinton. But Mrs. Fiorina’s candidacy did not start to sizzle until her performance at last week’s second-tier Republican debate, where viewers realized that as the sole woman in a 17-candidate primary field, she was singularly qualified to stand up to Mr. Trump.

It is not a role Mrs. Fiorina necessarily wants to emphasize. “I don’t spend very much of my campaign time talking or thinking about Donald Trump,” she said in an interview Wednesday. But it is one she has embraced with the same fervor that she has employed against Mrs. Clinton, the Democratic Party front-runner.

“Women understood” that Mr. Trump’s attack the day after the debate on the Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, making a reference to bleeding that many people thought was an allusion to menstruation, was sexist, Mrs. Fiorina told a visibly squeamish Jake Tapper of CNN. “I’ve had lots of men imply that I was unfit for decision-making because maybe I was having my period. So I’ll say it, O.K?”

In a crowded Republican field, Mrs. Fiorina has delivered the most forceful and succinct denunciation of Mr. Trump’s comments, which sent a shudder through a party concerned that it would reinforce perceptions that it was increasingly out of touch with female voters….



4 thoughts on “Carly Fiorina Update…The GOP’s answer to it’s Women Problem?”

  1. “once her business and political record is shown for it’s lack of success she’ll lose supporr.”

    As to the business record, tell me what she did different from a male CEO faced with the same problems or any other company that dealt with the market conditions of the time.

  2. She speaks well, but once her business and political record is shown for it’s lack of success she’ll lose supporr.

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