Army Chief of Staff moves towards Women in his Ranger units….

The Marines may not want women in it’s combat units….

But the Army seems to be giving a serious look…

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno on Wednesday endorsed the idea of women being able to attend the Army’s Ranger School if they can meet the standards, but stopped short of saying whether they will allowed to become Rangers when the Pentagon opens as many combat positions as it can to women by the end of the year.

The Army opened the elite training school to women on an experimental basis earlier this year. More than 20 women volunteered, and two of them are close to making it through.

They could become the first two women to graduate from the school and earn the coveted Ranger tab. Only 42 percent of all volunteers pass the school, and only about three percent of soldiers earn the tab.

The Pentagon has ordered the military services to open all jobs and schools to women by January, unless they are granted exceptions for good reasons approved by the defense secretary.

During a Pentagon briefing, Odierno praised the two women, saying they “are another example of, if they can meet the standard, they should be able to go, and they should be able to earn their Ranger tab.”


Democratic Socialist Dave

Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI, USMA West Point, later Harvard Law) was an Army Ranger instructor for ten years. Although he served during the Vietnam Era, he’s usually careful to say he didn’t serve in combat.