Who are the Serious contenders for the Republicans?

The Wall Street Journal (Via Polticalwire) narrows the field down….

I’ve been pushing Jeb Bush because he IS in second place in the 

Average of ALL Republican Nomination polling…But lately?

He’s kinda shaky….

There are only a few guys that are REALLY in it…..

“There are only five candidates with a plausible path to the Republican nomination: two sitting senators ( Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz), two sitting governors ( Scott Walker and John Kasich), and a former governor ( Jeb Bush). They represent a choice among very different persons, but also—and more fundamentally—between competing strategies for the future of the Republican Party.”

“From a Democratic standpoint, a moderate-conservative Republican ticket representing the two largest swing states would be cause for concern. In fact, Bush-Kasich would be scary, and Kasich-Rubio even more so.”


2 thoughts on “Who are the Serious contenders for the Republicans?”

  1. I agree that Kasich would be the strongest Republican candidate.He can likely deliver Ohio,essential to any realistic chance of a Republican victory.

    While a conservative,he’s not a crazy and talks in more moderate tones.Unfortunately,for the Republicans, that latter quality seems to not be in vogue.Instead the louder,the shriller and the crazier seems to be their preferred flavor of late.

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