Political Roundup for August 12, 2015…Trump Drops in 2 Post debate polls…RRH Elections

He still leads the field though….


Club for Growth: The CfG has announced support for 5 of the Republican presidential candidates. The 5 are Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker. This means that the Club for Growth PAC will act as a bundler for anybody who wants to donate to one of the 5 candidates.

Paul: It appears that the Kentucky GOP may be balking at plans to hold a caucus, potentially causing another problem for the increasingly troubled Rand Paul presidential campaign. Holding a caucus is the only way for the senator to run for both president and re-election as senator. The caucus has been contingent on Paul’s campaign providing funding to hold the caucus(estimated to cost $400,000-$600,000) and some are doubting whether the funding will actually come through. The state Republican central committee will vote on the plan August 22.

Trump: Two post-debate polls have been released showing Donald Trump losing support compared to before the debate. A Rasmussen poll has Trump down 9 points from 26% to 17%, while a Reuters-Ipsos poll has him down 5 points from 28% to 23%. He still leads the field in both polls-by 7% in Rasmussen and 11% in Reuters….


6 thoughts on “Political Roundup for August 12, 2015…Trump Drops in 2 Post debate polls…RRH Elections”

  1. I was thinking the same thing, Scott. My guess is that Bush’s fundraising is already being impacted.

  2. More polls like this and Jeb will see his money train derailed.

    He might be the John Connally of this election cylcle.

  3. I’m sure Trump will make good use of the money, Jack. Perhaps it can be used for research that proves that the Mexican government is shipping its criminals to the US?

  4. The latest CNN Iowa poll shows Trump at 22%, followed by Carson 14%, Walker 9% and Bush is at 5%.

    If Bush really is in free fall – there might be a sequence of booming flavor-of-the-month candidates underneath Trump in the coming months.

  5. People who saw the debate changed their minds more than those who did not see the debate.

    Also Sanders leads Hillary for now in NH.

    The E mail problem could be a serious problem for her.

    There will be a reception for Trump up here being given by car mogul Ernie Bock @ $100.00 a ticket.

    I am thinking about going.

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