American/Allied Air Power isn’t gonna beat ISIS alone…


While the President has been up front is aying it will take YEARS to put together some sort Iraq military…They ARE moving slowly ahead some places….

The only group that HAS advanced strongly on the Islamic State forces is the Kurds….

And right now the Turks are bombing THEM because of their growing strength …..

Of course, Republicans and some others want to reinsert American combat troops in the fight…

From the cockpit of his F/A-18 fighter jet a few days ago, Capt. Benjamin Hewlett of the Navy, commander of the carrier’s air wing, said he had watched a convoy of Iraqi forces move inch by excruciating inch across a road outside Ramadi. “Every time you have an asymmetric threat like ISIS, they booby-trap everything, and that slows down the progress,” he said in an interview aboard the Roosevelt.

But, he added, “the opposite of slow and deliberate is fast and sloppy, and then not always the right people die.”

“The Iraqis are not interested in destroying Anbar University, and they are putting themselves at a lot of risk so that they don’t do so,” he said.

Vice Adm. John W. Miller, commander of the Navy’s Fifth Fleet in Bahrain, voiced some optimism. “Eventually, I think we’ll be successful, but we’re only able to go as fast as the Iraqi security forces can go,” he said…..


3 thoughts on “American/Allied Air Power isn’t gonna beat ISIS alone…”

  1. They don’t seem to want the current crew telling them what to do either. As a matter of fact, Obama seems to be doing what they want.

    And as to the remaining “rest” of the world, which way is the wind blowing?

    Russia would love to have an agreement that would let their Navy use Iranian ports. That’s why they always wanted Persia in the old days. Considering Putin, I wonder what else he might be cooking up between these two ostracized and shunned nations?

  2. Trump could be right here. Take over the oil fields and any other source of wealth. Freeze them out.

    On the other hand this guy on a talk radio show said about the same thing.

    1. Except that Trump would have to deal with the REST of the world that ain’t gonna want some Rich American telling them what to do….

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