President Obama links GOPer’s to Iranian Hardliners?…..

Well…Yes and No….

He’s simply pointing out BOTH Republicans and Iranian Hardlines (Along with Israeli PM Netanyahu) ALL have the same goal….

And he’s right….

They don’t want an Iranian Bomb deal….

President Barack Obama insists he isn’t comparing Iranian hard-liners to Republicans, he is just saying they are making common cause.

In an interview with Jake Horowitz, editor-in-chief of Mic, a news service aimed at young people, Obama responded to criticism that he inappropriately linked opposition to the nuclear deal with Iran by Republicans in the United States with opposition in Iran from political and religious hard-liners.

“Remember, what I said was, that, it’s the hard-liners in Iran who are most opposed to this deal,” Obama said in the interview, conducted last week but released Monday. “And I said, in that sense, they’re making common cause with those who are opposed to this deal here. I didn’t say that they were equivalent.”


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3 thoughts on “President Obama links GOPer’s to Iranian Hardliners?…..”

  1. Yeh he hasn’t gone as far as I would.

    In my view , Republicans actively want another war.

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