Political Roundup For August 11, 2015…Rubio…Hillary will win?…RRH Elections

Presidential News:

Perry:  The countdown to Perry’s imminent dropping out has begun, as Perry’s team has let slip in the media that staff are no longer being paid.  The pro-Perry Super PAC still has plenty of money, but not paying the actual campaign staff is a surefire tell that Perry’s going nowhere.

Sanders:  Feel the Bern.  National Nurses United has endorsed Bernie Sanders, and I think we can expect more labor endorsements piling up in his corner soon.

Clinton/Rubio:  Senator Rubio had a somewhat ill-phrased response to a question at last week’s debate about his short tenure as Senator.  His response included, in part, the comment that if the presidential race is a resume competition, Hillary Clinton will win.  I get where he was going with that remark, but of course the Clinton campaign is having some fun with it.  Probably best to avoid comments like that,

Lessig:  A Harvard Professor you likely have never heard of is considering a quixotic bid for the presidency.   Lessig is the founder of the MayDay PAC, which had a couple of endorsements last cycle but hasn’t accomplished much.  Previously Lessig publicly pondered seeking the congressional seat south of San Francisco now held by Jackie Speier.  Best of luck to Professor Lessig in his challenge to Hillary Clinton. Oh, just since I wrote this blurb, Lessig announced.  You didn’t hear?

Iowa:  It’s not looking good for Christie or Paul in Iowa.  So often, when two lower-tier candidates go after each other in the debates, it becomes a “murder-suicide” situation, with them both going down.  I saw it firsthand with Pawlenty and Bachmann, and it looks like the same is happening to Christie and Paul after their spat over NSA wiretapping.  Their respective losses are Trump’s gain.


NY-Sen:  Will Schumer’s opposition to the Iran deal blow his chances of becoming Minority Leader next term?  David Plouffe says it’s a disqualifier.  I’m doubtful.  Schumer will please the hard left with whatever else he does next….