Turkey, The US, The Kurds and ISIS…It’s complicated….

The American media is breathlessly announcing that US Air Force Fighters have been finally allowed to make strikes against Islamic State targets from Turkish air bases….


Turkey helping the US against ISIS?

Well, Not so fast….

You see Turkey has had an ongoing issue with the Kurds for decades….

The Kurds, with US assistance are making against ISIS, Good gains….

That has gotten the Turkey worried….

And THAT is probably the reason why the Turk’s have let the US in….

Oh, and the Turks are bombing those Kurds the US has been helping going after ISIS….

Talal Raman, a 36-year-old Kurdish fighter, worked on a Samsung tablet, annotating a Google Earth map marked with the positions of the deserted apartment buildings and crumbling villas from where his colleagues were battling Islamic State fighters south of this northern Syrian town. He pinpointed in yellow the positions where his men were hunkered behind a wall, and highlighted in red the coordinates of a building next to a mosque where Islamic State fighters had taken cover.

“Our comrades can see the enemy moving at the GPS address I just sent you,” he wrote in Arabic to a handler hundreds of miles away in a United States military operations room. Then he waited for the American warplanes to scream in.

The strike that ensued soon after blasted a crater at exactly the coordinates provided by the Kurdish fighter. It left a circle of bodies, including one of an Islamic State fighter who died slumped over his AK-47. An urgent message came in from the coalition war room: “Please confirm our comrades are O.K.?”

The tight coordination of American air power with the militia, known as the Y.P.G., from the Kurdish initials for People’s Protection Units, has dealt the Islamic State its most significant setbacks across an enormous strip of northern Syria near the Turkish border in recent months.

Now, the United States air campaign is poised to expand, aided by a deal with Turkey to allow American aircraft to fly bombing missions from bases closer to the border.

Yet at a time when the militia, the Americans’ most effective ally in Syria, would otherwise be celebrating the increased help, its members are sounding a note of worry. That is because Turkey is making some moves of its own.

Until last month, Turkey had resisted calls to do more to support the fight against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, mindful that it might further Kurdish ambitions to eventually carve out an independent state. The Kurds, who number roughly 30 million and are spread out over Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria, have been described as the world’s largest ethnic group without a homeland….


My Name Is jack

And, as usual, the United States involves itself in these ” complicated” matters because?

No real answer just”because!”