Hillary Clinton proposes a $350B new College education pay plan….

Something NEEDS to be done about the current studernt loan program, which makes the government money, while saddling students and their parents with HEAVY debt….

Clinton will discuss the plan, a litmus test of sorts for progressives, at campaign stops Monday and Tuesday in New Hampshire. And at a yet-to-be-announced stop later in the week, Clinton will offer additional proposals intended to help nontraditional students — such as those who are already parents — complete their degrees, the campaign said. And the plan’s roll out is timed to coincide with college students heading back to school, potentially luring a voting bloc critical for President Barack Obama that Clinton needs to court as well.

A senior campaign official called the combination of ideas and the intense emphasis on the issue of paying for college a “bold transformation of how we would do higher education financing in our country.”

The compact’s baseline goals are to allow students to attend a four-year public college without taking out loans for tuition, attend a community college tuition-free, push states to spend more on higher education, encourage institutions to cut costs while boosting graduation rates and reward innovation.

“This is a real political organizing opportunity,” the official said. “We have heard everywhere Hillary Clinton goes, literally everywhere she goes … from young people who are being held back or families who have no idea how they’re going to pay for” college.


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One thought on “Hillary Clinton proposes a $350B new College education pay plan….”

  1. Taxing the “jobs creators” (thank you Frank Luntz) ?


    The Hell with College!

    Don’t those lower classes know their “place?”

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