Fiorina Jumps up in Iowa…Trump leads….Poll

Good for her….

She had a good performance last week….

PPP’s newest Iowa poll finds Donald Trump leading the Republican field in the state even after a weekend of controversy. He’s at 19% to 12% for Ben Carson and Scott Walker, 11% for Jeb Bush, 10% for Carly Fiorina, 9% for Ted Cruz, and 6% for Mike Huckabee and Marco Rubio.

The other 9 candidates are all clustered between 3% and having no support at all (George Pataki)- John Kasich and Rand Paul are at 3%, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, and Rick Santorum at 2%, Chris Christie at 1%, and Jim Gilmore, Lindsey Graham, and Pataki all have less than 1%.

PPP last polled Iowa in April and at that time Trump had a 40/40 favorability rating with GOP voters. On this poll his favorability is 46/40, not substantially better than it four months ago. That suggests Trump’s favorability could be back on the way down after peaking sometime in the last few weeks. But at any rate Trump does have the advantage with pretty much every segment of the GOP electorate- he’s up with Evangelicals, men, women, voters in every age group, moderates, voters who are most concerned with having the candidate who is most conservative on the issues, and voters who are most concerned about having a candidate who can win the general election.

The biggest winner coming out of the debate looks to be Carly Fiorina. Her favorability rating is now 56/15, compared to 30/15 when we polled Iowa in April. She was such a nonfactor the last time we polled that we didn’t even bother to include her in the horse race question but now she’s at 10% and in the top 5. Fiorina also ties with Walker as the most frequent 2nd choice of GOP voters at 11%….


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  1. Fiorina said Trump’s comments were “completely outrageous and inappropriate. Period.” And she accused Trump of using the p-word!

  2. We should consider a plan where James continues to run the blog but reports to either you, Keith or me. Maybe James can run a post where we can vote on who he should report to?

  3. I think my demand for paid sick leave did me in!

    James is very Republican like in his personal dealings!

  4. I do recall that James never included Jack on his Board or “advisory committee” – or whatever he called it. I recall I was on briefly (we never had so much as an email), but I think James was turned off by my request for a salary and/or benefits.

  5. James Board of Directors is sort of like Donald Trumps “investigators” whom,he claimed, were “investigating” Obamas birth in Hawaii.

    They never existed except in their fertile imaginations.

    James and Trump share a lot in common!

  6. Whatever happened to your Board of Directors, James? I thought SE was chief political director and DSD was chief Historian? When do we get to vote on your Board so that it can address our grievances?

  7. “Can this entertainment run a 313 MILLION person COUNTRY?
    Can he run this act against other soverign countries?”

    Those are very good questions. Agreed.

    1. Yes….mac….

      No media outlet is gonna ask them as long Trump pumps up their circulation numbers….

      Look at the response Kelly got….

  8. Trump is not still rising. Before the debate, he was at 26%. Now, he us at 23%.

    I’d still give it a few more days to see how this whole thing fleshes out, but my guess is that AT BEST, he stays flat.

  9. “But this IS a political wound that seems to not want to go away”

    He is rising even more in the poll, James. This seems to be a winning issue for him.

    1. Yes mac….

      It’s NOT an issue….

      He’s turned it into HIM…I….ME…..

      He’s done it from the start….

      KING Donald…Master of the Universe!

      Cross me and I Destroy YOU!

      Good entertainment….

      I’m waiting for everyone to wake up….

      I ask….

      Can this entertainment run a 313 MILLION person COUNTRY?

      Can he run this act against other soverign countries?

      What about this countries poor, old and Middle Class?

      Serious questions that go beyond his dog and pony show right now….

  10. “I mention a woman reporter or pol and guys get themselves tied in a knot?”

    I think the only knot here is your analysis James. People are simply pointing out incoherences and factual errors in comments and posts, for everyone.

    1. I’m bringing up the women angle
      Cause I believe it’s a subtext

      The story line is STILL taking up his time almost a week later…

      He maybe driving the poll up
      But this IS a political wound that seems to not want to go away
      Requiring him to continually address it

    1. He, he, he
      Gosh Jack?
      The ONLY NAME women gets mentioned and I’m pushing her?
      We have some VERY sensitive guys here!
      I mention a woman reporter or pol and guys get themselves tied in a knot?

  11. No,you have been favorably commenting on her for awhile now for no particular reason,other than ,as I alluded earlier, one of your periodic “crushes” on a Right Wing female.

    Unlike you ,I am not in the habit of giving “props” ,or whatever you want to call it ,to people I vehemently disagree with.

    I’ve seen NOTHING to Fiorina ,other than she is the only female in n otherwise all Male cast ,and seems to be drawing some attention on that reason alone ala Carson as the only Black.

    1. I don’t remember pushing Fiornia in the past
      I have done posts on as many candidates as I can….
      She IS the sole ‘name’ female
      She will be mentioned more…

  12. Who is “defending” Trump?

    No one.

    As I continue to comment on ,you do not possess the ability to distinguish between those who are simply pointing out what is going on from actual support for a candidate.

    Obsessed people have problems with that.

  13. YehI still don’t see her as a Major candidate or even VP material.

    Maybe a Cabinet post in a future GOP Administration.

    If there is another one anytime soon!

  14. Couldnt run HP
    Couldn’t get elected to the Senate in a GOP year.

    But she “won” the undercard debate few watched so she’ll get some sort of media boost for a bit.

  15. Nothing but a typical Right Wing talking pointer like Michelle.

    You were all impressed by her debate performances too.

    1. As where others Jack
      She did good
      I’m not going to vote for here
      And if some here can admire Trump’s show!
      Why not give Fiornia her props?
      People defend Trump
      But knock other GOPer’s?

  16. I see James is developing the same type “crush” on Carly that he had on Michelke Bachman last time around.

    Cqrly said today that companies shouldn’t be required to offer maternity leave to New Mothers.

    A typical Republican favoring Billion Dollar corporations over new mothers.

    What’s new?

    1. No Crush….

      She outdid the rest of GOPer’s at the ‘B’ Debate….

      She deserves to move up…

      Even if that comment is stupid and anti-family

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