Update on Erick Erickson @ Red State vs Trump…

Erick Erickson had his email maxed out….

He has been called all sort of nasty names…

His office phone line is maxed out….

He had to move his family to a different hotel room …..

His twitter feed is also maxed out….

His facebook account has also been maxed out….

Erickson has NOT backed away from his canceling Trump’s appearance. at the Red State gathering…

Or believing he didn’t make crude references about Megyn Kelly….

Good for Him….

The Most Interesting Thing About Trump’s Statements Today

By: Erick Erickson (Diary) @ Red State

When I talked to the Trump campaign on Friday night, the campaign manager only wanted to focus on the “blood in her eyes” part. When I brought up the “wherever” bit, he kept going back to the “blood in her eyes” part.

So I asked for a clarification or apology and he said I needed to do it in writing.

I put it in writing with the full quote.

The campaign manager called back and said Mr. Trump meant “whatever,” not “wherever” because he was trying to get Don Lemon to move on in the CNN interview.

Today, on the Sunday show circuit, Donald Trump is denying he meant anything other than bleeding from Megyn Kelly’s nose or some such and that only a deviant would think otherwise.

I think it is unfortunate that Donald Trump’s campaign could not offer that clarification until eight hours after their initial attempt was that Trump had meant “whatever.”


At this point there is not a lot of difference between Planned Parenthood supporters who think the tapes were edited and Donald Trump supporters who think he did not say what he said on live television….


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15 thoughts on “Update on Erick Erickson @ Red State vs Trump…”

  1. Trump: ‘I’ve been viciously attacked’ by women

    “When I’m attacked, I fight back,” Trump told host Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

    “I was attacked very viciously by those women,” he said of female opponents his detractors say he has demeaned.

    “What they said about me is far worse than what I said about them,” Trump added. “Am I allowed to defend myself? I want to get back to the country. We have such problems.”

    Trump then said he will not apologize Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

    “I consider an apology a big deal,” Trump said.

    “I will apologize if I’m wrong about something,” he said. “But I don’t like apologizing when I’m not wrong.”

    More @ http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/presidential-races/250681-trump-ive-been-viciously-attacked-by-women

  2. Erick Erickson who said most monkeys are smarter than women — he was right? He gets props? What next James? You do know Erickson is a political thug, right? Do you ever think before you type?

    How about them both being neanderthals and wrong. These are the people who don’t want women to have an abortion even if the life of the mother is in danger.

  3. First, The real reason that Erickson’s is upset is that Trump might run as an independent.

    Second, The blood comment from Trump was very weird, but that is far from the worst comment that Trump has made. Why should you give Erickson’s props on criticizing this relatively minor comment (by Trump standards) when he was silent on or even supported other Trump comments? Keith is right.

  4. James is OBSESSED with Trump (replacing his former obsession with Elizabeth Warren who formerly merited daily posts even for the most insignificant comment) .

    Eric Erickson is a mean spirited piece of GARBAGE in my book,every bit as reprehensible (If not more so ) thanTrump.

    Zreebs makes a good point.Trumps comment wasn’t even that off the wall compared to some of his others.

    Keith is also correct.Erickson couldn’t care LESS about Trumps”language” .Erickson himself uses much worse with regularity.He knows that a Trump Independent candidacy (which I have already stated I believe there is little chance of) would sink Republican chances in 2016.Thats what has him “sticking to his action.”

    The fact that James doesn’t understand that and still maintains the fiction that Erickson is acting in some benevolent fashion due to Ericksons “offensive” language is just another example that ,when he becomes obsessed with a subject ,as has happened here, he loses all sense of perspective and judgement and the ultimate result?

    A silly ,ridiculous post like this.

  5. I homestly cant see how the Republican Party manages to nominate an establishment figure like Jeb Bush in its current environment. Scott Walker may be too establishment as well for the current mood of the GOP

    They definitely seem interested in “Going Goldwater” at this stage of the game

  6. Yes Erick gets props on uninviting Trump even if he is a rightwingnut…..

    Certainly I don’t like his politics….

  7. I take Erickson AT HIS WORD….

    You guys don’t….

    No Problem….

    I STAND by my proprs to Erickson for telling Trump ‘Don’t Come’

    His stand has prompted the WHOLE political world to NOT just let Trump get over on the Megyn Kelly comments…
    Does THAT work for the GOP establishment?
    You Bet…
    But Donald trump DID say what he’s trying say he didn’t…
    You guys can focus on how bad Erickson is…
    I’m focused on the internal fight tearing at the GOP and speaking out AGAINST the Bull Shit Trump entertainment…

    Carry on mates!
    Blogs are for comments…
    And Trump sure has keep the conversations going…

    Oh, Trump is on MSNBC complaining that Megygn Kelly didn’t ask me the questions ‘I WANTED HER TO ASK ME…”
    Cruz says….”God Bless Donald Trump!….”

  8. Blogs are for comments, really James, talk about stating the obvious. You can give someone his “props” for uninviting Trump to a forum – but on the face of it, your comment is beyond silly, and that is what we are objecting to. Why you think this is so admirable is beyond me and just about everyone else of this forum. Erick Erickson is just as much a misogynist as Donald Trump could ever be – so why you give Erick “props” on this subject is beyond me (because we are talking about hate speech. This isn’t that complex of an issue James, it really isn’t, both gentlemen are basically pigs.

    The Republicans are desperate at this point to find an issue to take Trump down, and think his behavior toward Kelly is the way forward. Erickson is just doing their bidding and proves just how hypocritical he is by choosing this subject to pick the fight over. He could have said, “I am uninviting Trump because he refuses to pledge not to run as an independent in the general election when he is refused our nomination.” But, no, chubby little Erick decides that somehow he has now become a feminist and wants to defend Kelly from that big bully Trump, when Erick is equally as big an ass on this issue.

    And, clearly the whole political world is not getting over it since thousands of right wingers have come to Trump’s defense.

  9. Erickson’s comment on stage that he disinvited him because he didn’t “want his daughter in the same room as Trump” just adds to this. If one wants to discuss insinuations and deviant interpretations.

  10. I wonder if you’ll be taking Erickson “at his word” when he starts unloading on Hillary?

    BTW you think Michelle Obama is a “Marxist” James?

    Seems to me,you only take Erickson “at his word” when his target is someone you don’t like.

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