NYC Progressive Mayor De Blasio’s Poll numbers drop….

He’s still popular….

But he’s taking hits on crime and other issues….

Mayor Bill de Blasio has stumbled to the worst net approval rating of his tenure, according to a poll released on Wednesday, placing his popularity with New York City voters well behind that of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo — his counterpart in a protracted municipal feud.

Forty-four percent of voters approve of the mayor’s performance, according to the survey by Quinnipiac University. The same share of voters disapproves.

With the mayor’s re-election bid more than two years away, 47 percent of voters say Mr. de Blasio, a Democrat, does not deserve to stay in office; 41 percent say he does. (A majority of Democrats, though, support his re-election, 53 percent to 35 percent.)

A stark racial divide in Mr. de Blasio’s numbers, long a hallmark of his polling, remains. Sixty-four percent of black voters approve of his work, according to the poll. A majority of white voters, 59 percent, disapprove.

Mr. de Blasio has encountered a series of difficulties in recent months, including the tussle with Mr. Cuomo, also a Democrat, over a disappointing legislative session in Albany, and distressing headlines about a rising murder rate — even as city officials have noted that overall crime continues to fall….


Democratic Socialist Dave

Among many other things, Mayor Fiorello La Guardia (Republican-Fusion, 1933-1945) said something along the lines of a mayor needing to clear the snow and pick up the garbage to assure himself of re-election. (He also said there is no Democratic or Republican way of cleaning the streets or clearing the trash.)

Also helps if the subway keeps running.

Democratic Socialist Dave

Harold Wilson is famous for saying that “a week is a long time in politics”.

So much could happen in the last half of a mayoral term.