Political Roundup for August 6, 2015…RRH Elections

Happy Debate Day! We’ll also have a preview of today’s Nashville Mayoral election this afternoon, followed by a liveblog for Nashville and open threads for the debates this evening.


Debate: The final lineup will be Trump, Bush, Walker, Rubio, Carson, Cruz, Huckabee, Paul, Christie, Kasich.

Paul, KY-Aud: Jesse Benton, head of Rand Paul’s SuperPAC and a longtime confidante of both Ron and Rand, has been indicted in an endorsements-for-cash scheme ahead of the 2012 Iowa caucus. Benton was allegedly involved in the bribery scheme to pay then-State Sen. Kent Sorenson (R) to switch his endorsement from Michelle Bachmann to Ron Paul. Benton is also the campaign manager for KY Auditor candidate and State Rep. Mike Harmon (R)…..