Chuck Schumer will vote against the Iran Deal….

Anyone Surprised?

I’m NOT….

I told ya so….

And I think he has announced this because he thinks the deal will probabaly squeek by without his vote , which would severely hurt him back where he lieves in Brooklyn, New York….

If President Obama is surpreised by this?

Something is wrong with him….

Most poliican’s think about keeping their jobs, First…Second and Third…

Senator Chuck Schumer is no different….

Mr. Schumer’s announcement comes as Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, the House minority leader, labors to build a firewall in the House in support of the Iran deal, which has been denounced by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. At six meetings in recent weeks, Ms. Pelosi has assembled an informal team of Democrats determined to win over the 146 House Democrats needed to uphold a veto.

But Ms. Pelosi’s team has had its eye on Mr. Schumer, conceded Representative Jan Schakowsky, Democrat of Illinois and one of Ms. Pelosi’s deputies on the Iran deal.

“Anybody whipping has never put Schumer in the ‘yes’ column,” she said Thursday. “But the calculation still is we’ll have the votes” even without him…..



The other New York Senator Gillibrand has come out FOR the deal…..

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26 thoughts on “Chuck Schumer will vote against the Iran Deal….”

  1. Because of his stance on the deal, or his split with the WH, or some other things?
    Would you vote for the deal btw?

  2. I’ve never been a fan of Shumer, but Yes, opposition to this deal is a disqualified for me.

    Unilateral sanctions against Iran will be ineffective, and probably counterproductive, and bombing the nuclear facility should be off the table.

  3. Interesting. I agree with you on the unilateral sanctions, and I think that bombing is a spiral to chaos.
    But I think that this was a negotiation game that Kerry lost badly. He should have gotten a lot better deal, given the leverage of effective sanctions up to this point.
    At least – there should have been physical inspections at a 2-3 days notice, if not 24 hours.
    No secret side deals.
    And I think that I would have delayed the dismantling of the sanctions too, or at least put that in as a requirement first, to have something to give up later.

    Given the nature of Iranian mind games and psychology, or at least my impression of it, they probably should have left the negotiation table at least a couple of times too, to stimulate the various dynamics of framing the context of the deal.

  4. Schumer isn’t minority leader yet, so long as Harry Reid is.

    But, after this, he shouldn’t succeed Reid.

    As overly-hopeful Cal fans would say after the Golden Bears trounced a couple of non-conference guests such as Air Force or San José State, “I think I smell roses!” — in this case those in the Rose Garden in October 2002 as George W. Bush signed the Authorization to Use Force in Iraq.

    In this case the Deputy Minority Leader is fighting a president of his own party.

  5. What good is it going to do for the United States to continue with sanctions when all the other countries are lifting theirs?

    That’s no solution.

    The bottom line?Either accept this deal with all its imperfections,Attack Iran, or Do nothing but run your mouth.

  6. But Jack,
    just wondering – is this a good or bad part of Obama’s legacy in your view, if it passes?
    Given the likely realities – that it’s too late to start over.

  7. If your question about voting on the deal was directed at Me?

    Yes…Certainly Yes….

    And I’m a bit annoyed that Israel is leveraging AMERICAN Foreign Policy….

  8. It was meant for Zreebs – but good to know your vote as well!
    I’m just still not buying the “insufficient deal OR bombing” as the only two alternatives. But it could be right, I just haven’t spent enough time on it yet.

  9. mac?

    If they knock the deal and the US ends up with Israel as the ONLY two countries outside the room?

    WTF do we do?

    Schumer is gonna catch a beatdown nationally…

    But he’ll be fine back in Brooklyn, his political base…

    And folks lets NOT forget a political fact…

    A vote against the deal is a voted FOR the GOPer’s who will stop at almost ANYTHING to steal President Obama’s candy….

  10. Maybe not but as been pointed out…

    EVERYBODY except Israel and few Arab states are foaming at the mouth getting ready start trading with Iran, Israel HAS bombs, and even some in the that country are worried about MORE pissed Obama would be if Bibi claims a win over Israel’s biggest and just only backer….

    Despite the Schumer action…
    The reports are there are not enough votes in Congress to overide a Obama veto, which let the deal go thru…

  11. Well, there is a third option that Iran gets nuclear capabilities, and the US continues unilateral sanctions. But that hurts Iran and the US about equally, and it makes it more difficult to work with Iran on anything going forward.

    I’m not sure why you think that the US could have gotten a better deal? The world has imposed sanctions on Iran for a long time and it didn’t stop Iran from moving forward. Why would it stop them now that they are in their latter stages?

  12. She supports it.

    I say it has the votes and Schumer has done exactly what George Will said he would do, vote against it if it does not make a difference.

    Russia (arms sales) and China (cheaper energy sales) win the most here.

    The GOP has yet another Obama initiative to repeal.

  13. No

    What you have is another fake isdue for the Republicans to bloviate about as they,AS USUAL! Do


    You need to get back on message…

    How about Chuck and Dave Kochs tax rate?

    See something important!

  14. I thought a free economy was what Republicans were all about. Why not buy oil from Iran and arms from Russia? Manila forgets, as he does so many times, that our allies have already signed off on this deal with Iran. The next President cannot repeal squat, because it will already be too late. So, back to those tax cuts for the very wealthy, that’s what’s important.

  15. “our allies have already signed off on this deal with Iran”

    With allies like that, who needs enemies?

    And Schumer is a vote counter but the Democrats will have a face to put on the TV screens when things go wrong.

    And they will.

    “Why not buy oil from Iran and arms from Russia?”

    So Gay honeymoons in Iran will start right away?


  16. Indeed ALL the other countries HAVE agreed…

    They are NOT our enemies….

    I don’t think ANYONE actually trusts Iran….
    Most of us…
    Me included, think Iran will eventually get a nuke…
    But it would better for it to be a decade or more from now…

  17. …from the NY Times….

    WASHINGTON — The decision by Senator Chuck Schumer of New York to oppose the Iran nuclear DEAL has rattled the Democratic bulwark around the accord, emboldened the deal’s opponents in both parties, and set off a wave of condemnation from liberals for the man who hopes to lead Senate Democrats in the next Congress.

    But supporters of the accord said on Friday that Democratic defections would not be enough to bring it down.

    To scuttle the DEAL, opponents have two high hurdles. They will need 60 votes in the Senate for a resolution of disapproval to overcome a filibuster by supporters of the accord. If the opponents get that, the president will veto the resolution. The opponents would then have to SECURE the votes of two-thirds of the lawmakers in both chambers to override the veto…..

    More @

    (I pointed out here that Schumer probably made his decision after knowing the deal WOULD go thru….)

  18. Schumer is also ok with his other Senate colleagues to succed Harry reid in the leadership postion in the Senate next year….

    Activist liberal groups such as, Credo and Democracy for America, which raise millions of dollars from the grassroots, are furious with Schumer.

    “If this is what counts as ‘leadership’ among Democrats in the Senate, Senate Democrats should be prepared to find a new leader or few followers,” Ilya Sheyman,’s executive director, fumed.

    In the Senate, however, Schumer has an enormous amount of good will from his colleagues. He built strong ties within the Democratic caucus after helping them win control of the Senate in 2006 and build a 60-vote supermajority in 2008 as a strategist and prolific fundraiser.

    Even liberal senators who say Schumer is on the wrong side of the Iran debate are willing to give him a mulligan…..

    More @

  19. He HAS this time….

    But he DOES have to be careful….

    Bucking Obama AGAIN would probabaly be a problem for him, Yup

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