Ex-Israeli Military and Intel people want Netanyahu to stop fighting Obama on Iran…

While the American media continues to spotlight Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s efforts to influenece American political decisions…..

Some experts in his OWN country have reservations about their Prime Minsisters political actions….

They think he is going to far , and will cause ‘trust’ issues with the White House….

They believe that in the end?

President Obama WILL get an agreement , even if Congress votes against the deal, but could not override a Obama veto, which would let the agreement go into effect….

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A petition signed by the former officials and made public Monday calls the July 14 accord a “fait accompli”.

It urges the government to pursue a policy that would “restore trust and reinforce security and diplomatic cooperation with the American administration”.

Doing so would “allow us to prepare to face the numerous challenges that will result from the agreement”, the petition says…



Israeli is the only country in the Middle east that DOES have nuclear weapons….


It would be so easy for them to go into the Iraqi desert and scoop up some radioactive sand right Manila. All those degrading WMDs are still out there right? I am sure you could help them find them.

Manila Calling!

Either way, Iran gets the bomb.