About picking running sneakers….

A lot of people choose their sneakers by look….

They shouldn’t….

They should be looking at what type of foot strike they have , and getting sneakers that deal with THAT, above all….

Many runners may be wearing the wrong shoes for their particular stride or the right shoes that were chosen for the wrong reasons, according to a new scientific review about running shoes and injury risks.

The study helpfully concludes that there is a reliable, scientifically valid way for each of us to pick the right running shoes, but it’s so simple that most of us ignore it.

The connection between running shoes and running injuries is surprisingly controversial and, from a scientific standpoint, unsettled.

Most of us who run have heard that we should choose our shoes based, for the most part, on two broad technical criteria.

The first is whether and how much our foot pronates, or rolls inward as we land. Orthopedists, coaches and runners long have believed that over- or under-pronation contributes to the risk of running injuries and should be controlled using particular types of shoes….




They are running shoes, not sneakers. And, I wear Brooks, and I am about to go outside and use them. Much cooler today, no wind, and the fire is getting under control. Never a dull moment in paradise.