There will be strong efforts against President Obama’s Environmental Regs…

President Obama has issued sweeping new rules to combat climate change damage done by energy  usage by America….

His efforts are in for a fight….

Many are afraid of the economic cost of the rules NOT the good they could bring to countries air and water …

In the early months of 2014, a group of about 30 corporate lawyers, coal lobbyists and Republican political strategists began meeting regularly in the headquarters of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, often, according to some of the participants, in a conference room overlooking the White House. Their task was to start devising a legal strategy for dismantling the climate change regulations they feared were coming from President Obama.

The group — headed in part by Roger R. Martella Jr., a top environmental official in the George W. Bush administration, and Peter Glazer, a prominent Washington lobbyist — was getting an early start.

By the time Mr. Obama announced the regulations at the White House on Monday, the small group that had begun its work at the Chamber of Commerce had expanded into a vast network of lawyers and lobbyists ranging from state capitols to Capitol Hill, aided by Republican governors and congressional leaders. And their plan was to challenge Mr. Obama at every opportunity and take the fight against what, if enacted, would be one of his signature accomplishments to the Supreme Court.

Within minutes of the announcement, West Virginia’s attorney general, Patrick Morrisey, stepped before a bank of cameras for a news conference at the Greenbrier resort in his home state. Flanked by Mike Duncan, the president of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, one of the nation’s top coal lobbying groups, and Greg Zoeller, the attorney general of Indiana, Mr. Morrisey announced that a group of at least 15 Republican state attorneys general were preparing to jointly file a legal challenge to Mr. Obama’s proposal…..


8 thoughts on “There will be strong efforts against President Obama’s Environmental Regs…”

  1. It’s “you’re free” and “you’re traveling” Manila. Ah, our educational system.

    First, you specifically said that the WMDs were degrading in the desert creating a health risk. Where are those weapons Manila, where is the radioactive sand?

    Second, you are still using debunked right wing publications for your facts on climate change. Believe it all you want, won’t stop us from calling bullshit.

    Finally, of course clean air technologies are more expensive in many cases, just like solar was more expensive. But the more that enlightened folks use the technology, the cost goes down. Depends on your long view Manila, and how you might want to try and leave the planet when you leave.

    But, you still are getting those social security checks on time – right? So Obama is doing something right.

  2. Your free to believe anything about climate you want.

    I think your traveling uphill with this.

    And radioactive WASTE is what I was talking about in Iraq.

    Pardon my ISIS and it’s potential use as a WMD, want me to sprinkle some of that on your Cheerios?

    I don’t think so.

    And since Bush 43 bought his Army from a gun store partly owned by Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, John Edwards, and John Kerry, maybe they do not have a clue about this either.

    CO 2 appears to be harmless.

    I believe that because no one is seriously against converting from coal to gas.

    NIMBY fracking for it yes.

    Using it no.

    And overseas they don’t believe this hogwash either.

    Are they right wing?

    Maybe we should build a wall?

    PS: As to clean coal plants like the President did support, there expensive. Like nuclear, somehow it became too expensive. The one in Illinois, the Presidents home state, has been cancelled but only after a lot of stimulus swag was distributed to all the lawyers involved.

  3. Same old debunked baloney the right wing has been handing out for years pushed by a right wing publication, and since you don’t want to believe in global warming, you are so very happy to accept this crap. Very much how you wanted to believe there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. As they say, “any propaganda in the storm” that fits into your twisted narrative. No serious scientist believes this stuff, but you still keep pushing it.

  4. The express’s source is one of the founders of the Weather Channel.

    He’s the latest skeptic.

    Note the corrections however which the Express had to clarify which does lead to some question about the quality of the press.

    All the Press.

    Question is, how do you explain the warming Earth from 15,000, 10,000 or even 5,000 years ago?

    Forest fires?

    Man made CO2 is not the problem.

    Except here it is as an political enabler.

    To end the use of coal in the USA.

    Which maybe we should.

    But which we can still export to China and elsewhere.

    Jonathan Gruber never went broke betting on the intelligence of the American voter.

    Until he bragged about it.


    We shall see.

  5. This is your source – the Express??? Is this anything like there is radioactive sand in the Iraqi desert from all the degrading WMDs? Do you still believe that too Manila? Go back and find a credible source for you climate fantasy and maybe we can have a serious discussion.

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