Open Thread for August 4, 2015…Trump…’Me…Me…Me’….

Last night the GOP Sweepstake contestentants attended a C-SPAN forum…..

Donald Trump wasn’t there….

The people at the forum never mentioned Trump….They DID go after Hillary Clinton….

In addition, The people on the stage answered questions about policy….

Donald Trump tends to not speak a sentence without saying ‘Me…Me…Me’…….

Now this morning the political media types are talking about the get together for a few minutes….

But as Johnathan Alter mentioned …..Trump is the master of insults…..

Style…NOT Substance…..

Here at the PDog I’ve been harping on Trump and his substance….

People here are think I’m missing the boat on the guy….

I don’t…..

Oh, yea….

Quietly in the national GOP primary polling Jeb Bush has moved back into second….

And some pundits are talking up Kasich….(Bush without the baggage?….Alter)

On ward to the GOP Debate!

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104 thoughts on “Open Thread for August 4, 2015…Trump…’Me…Me…Me’….”

  1. Actually, I’m still a little surprised that James knows what an adjective is (no joke).

    Did Jack just us the L word? Uh oh!

  2. I think in a Clinton v Trump race, Clinton would win SC and perhaps AR. I think Trump would also win AK.

  3. If you’re talking about general Clinton influence, I’d think that Bill Clinton would prefer a Bush under an eagle in the Republican column, since the Clintons and Bushes have been personally close (though of course not always on policy) ever since Bill gave G.H.W.Bush his bed on the long flight to inspect Tsunami damage.

    I’m sure that he regards any relation with Donald Trump to be much more transactional, contingent and unreliable.

  4. “And is Manila suggesting that we are (or perhaps should be) at war with Mexico?”

    Pardon my General Winfield Scott and Zachary Taylor, we should have kept the whole nine yards when we had the chance.

    There might have been a little bit of a slavery problem but illegals: NO!

    Also, the Mexicans might want to declare war themselves but only if they lose. After all, look what happened to Japan and Germany’s economy after they lost. Reminds me of the movie “The Moose that Roared!” (Or was it a book?)

    It’s the anniversary of Hiroshima today. Why did not Obama pick today day to make an address at American University? Better yet, August 2 was the anniversary of this JFK event.

    PS; Were Davy Crockett, Jim Travis, and Jim Bowie illegals? Hmmm?

  5. “The Moose that Roared!”

    I mean “Mouse that Roared!”

    And that reminds me, what ever became of Dan Quayle?

  6. Dan Quayle live in Arizona and his little son went to Congress until the teabaggers threw him out of office. Dan would make a good addition to this year’s Republican Clown Car. The fact that we are talking about what states would win if he ran against Hillary next year tells us all we have to know about today’s Republican Party.

  7. A better question Zreebs, should we have just “kept” Iraq as our own and moved in after we liberated it from Saddam? We sort of did, until the American people wouldn’t stand for it any longer. But, most of those “Americans” who will be standing on the stage tonight sure think we should have stayed, and that we should be invading Iran tomorrow.

  8. “The fact that we are talking about what states would win if he ran against Hillary next year tells us all we have to know about today’s Republican Party.”

    I think you mean Trump.

  9. Think about it Manila, your party could nominate Donald Trump for President, and yes we were talking about how many states Hillary would win if he were to become the GOP nominee. Now do I think that will happen, no. But, it is more a reality than it was a month ago. Angry old prejudiced white men like you Manila run the Republican Party, and Trump is just saying what you get on here every day a write (although I must admit, you still don’t make sense half the time).

    So, “we should have taken all the oil we could get” – that is what Dick Cheney promised us right? Remember? Or, were you too busy watching Rocky & Bullwinkle reruns? Yep, another broken promise by Dick Cheney.

  10. Tonight ten old white men will stand on a stage in Cleveland and hearken back to a time when gas prices were 30% higher, Osama bin Laden was alive, the stock market was at 8,000, millions more people were unemployed and without health insurance, we were fighting two unwinnable wars, and gay folks were without the freedom to marriage. In other words, the Bush Administration.

  11. I didn’t “clarify” anything.

    I merely RESTATED what I have STATED many times before.

    Perhaps if you would actually try to read and comprehend what one is saying,rather than immediately putting your “spin” on their actual words ,you wouldn’t be in need of


  12. Anyone up to live blog the debate here?

    I will try to get the last half of it, I could use someone to start it off….

  13. Ben Carson will be there so while the debate will be all male it won’t be all white.

    And while you wouldn’t know it from their policy positions or how they acted three of the men debating tonight were born after 1970.

  14. On ‘taking the oil’?
    We don’t need to anymore
    American energy consumption has fallen and this country has more that enough shale oil…..

  15. yse – but did Susan Rice completely tell the truth about Benghazi, and have we ever found out the real reason why Vince Foster committed suicide?

  16. I found this amusing.

    Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard ,a certified member of the Conservative political establishment , wants the questioners tonight to nail down Trump on “specifics.”

    The amusing part is have ANY of the others given us any “specifics?”

    Jeb did present an immigration plan which provided NO path to citizenship.

    Marco Rubio presented one a few years ago but quickly abandoned it when the Right Wing growled.

    Besides not liking Unions ,can anyone tell me any “specifics” to Scott Walkers campaign.

    Barnes wants to know Trumps alternative to Obamacare.I want to know ANY of the Republican candidates alternative besides some useless blabbering about “market forces” or such other drivel.

    Barnes might be right.Trump is all talk with no real program.Then again none of his opponents have one either.

  17. I forgot about Dr. Ben, I saw him interviewed on PBS last night – it was like he was on downers. But, doesn’t matter when they were born, they are still old in how they think. And, of course, Hillary killed Vince, I have had people tell me that with a straight face. From Kenya to Vince Foster – sounds like the title of the book I should write about this dysfunction.

  18. It’s really surpring how Scott Walker ,usually ranked asa first tier candidate ,is still a virtual unknown , even to many Republican voters.

    You often read that he is the lowest “Unfavorables” among the GOP candidates,yet in many of these polls almost half the respondents say they don’t know enough about him to give an opinion.The same applies to lesser degree to Marco Rubio where around a third have no opinion of him.

  19. Keith’s 1:21 is quite good, but it understates how bad the Bush administration was. For example, the unemployment rate was not only higher, but it was rising, and economists stated that we were on the verge of a great depression.

    Oh, and North Korea announced that it had nuclear weapons. But I forget, was there a discussion on whether Bush marched the South Koreans to the ovens?

  20. Or, how we should invade North Korea immediately? Or how naive Bush was in his negotiations? Or, did the Senate Democrats send a letter to North Korea saying they would void any agreement with them as soon as a Democrat was in the White House?

  21. Ref. strategies for tonight – here’s from the opening of Trump’s book Art of the Deal from 1987:

    “Most people are surprised by the way I work. I play it very loose. I don’t carry a briefcase. I try not to schedule too many meetings. I leave my door open. You can’t be imaginative or entrepreneurial if you’ve got too much structure. I prefer to come to work each day and just see what develops.”

    That might be relevant for his mindset tonight as well.

    And a bit more about his regular working habits – and phone calls:
    “There is no typical week in my life. I wake up most mornings very early, around six, and spend the first hour or so of each day reading the morning newspa­pers. I usually arrive at my office by nine, and I get on the phone. There’s rarely a day with fewer than fifty calls, and often it runs to over a hundred. In between, I have at least a dozen meetings. The majority occur on the spur of the moment, and few of them last longer than fifteen minutes. I rarely stop for lunch. I leave my office by six-thirty, but I frequently make calls from home until midnight, and all weekend long.”

    (Zreebs, the first portion was what we talked about to the other day, only then slightly rephrased through another source.)

  22. “Seriously, what’s this guy’s problem?”

    — Jeb Bush, quoted by Politico, talking to a donor about Donald Trump who he also called “a buffoon,” “clown” and “asshole.”

  23. There’s chatter that the indictment of Rand Paul’s top aide could spell the end of his campaign.

  24. I also think we could buy Canada if we offered every family there one million dollars.

  25. Schumer will NOT vote for Iran Deal….

    Anyone surprised?
    Not me….
    I told ya so….


    Schumer Says He Will Oppose Iran Nuclear Deal. @jestei & I have the scoop and Obama’s job just got a lot harder.

  26. He isn’t yet….

    I told you all politics is local and he’d cover his butt….

    Obama understands this….

    Let’s see if Durbin’s name comes up again….

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