On someone doing lawns for $20 and Uber….

I do my the lawn around my house….

This morning while I was doing it…

A neighbor pointed out that I could save myself the trouble by getting his alwn gut to do it weekly for $20 a week….

Now a little while ago lawn guys where doing the weekly thing for as high as $40 or $50 a ahot….

Those guys tended to be Italian-American…They had big trucks, they took your grass with them and they where licensed by the town…

The new guys doing the $20 thing tend to be from the carribean, they operate from a van or pickup truck, or even a car….They bag your grass or mulch it, and they certainly aren’t licensed….

We now have a fight around th globe from the Uber car service which really a lot of private people showing up to give you a ride for a fee…They aren’t licensed…No body checks to see if they have insurance or how to get from point A to point B….And of course, the local government doesn’t get their cut…

Good for the consumer….


Less government…


Democratic Socialist Dave
Proofread your headlines, James (for Xsake). One of these days, some errant spelling in a headline, rather than just causing your readers befuddlement, frustration or amusement, might buy you unneeded grief from some outraged celebrity or politician (cf. the diatribe that Hillary’s campaign manager sent to the NY Times or John Seigenthaler’s dispute with Wikipedia). On someone doing laws for $20 and Uber…. Doing laws for $20 (some pols come cheap; and Bombay’s on-line paralegals earn few dollars an hour) is not what I think… Read more »
Manila Calling!

Do these lawn guys pay taxes? Who is responsible for the medical bill if they hurt themselves?

Uber has some controls.