Can Congress get in line with some of the state’s on marijuana?..or is it just pissed at the DEA?

Politico does an upcoming piece on some in Congress trying to modify the federal laws to let marijuama businesses legally get access to US banks…(The piece is more about Congress going after the DEA…..and bleds into the NSA bulk collection)

Several in Congress are proposing pieces of legislation on marijuana…..

We’ll see if their proposals make it thru the system…

And if a reorganizrion of the DEA and tinkering with the NSA makes them happy….

Last Thursday, the Appropriations Committee voted 16-14 on an amendment to allow marijuana businesses access to federal banking services, a landmark shift that will help states like Colorado, where pot is legal, fully integrate marijuana into their economies. As significant as the vote was, it’s only the latest vote in a remarkable run of success marijuana advocates have had this year on Capitol Hill.

“The amendment was a necessary response to an absurd regulatory morass,” Montana Sen. Steve Daines, one of the three Republicans to support Thursday’s amendment, tells Politico, referring to the multifaceted and complex system of laws that have been enacted over the past four decades to prosecute a war on marijuana. It’s a war that began on or about May 26, 1971, when President Richard Nixon told his chief of staff Bob Haldeman, “I want a goddamn strong statement on marijuana …I mean one on marijuana that just tears the ass out of them.”

However, the congressional assault on DEA is about more than just the nation changing its tune on marijuana enforcement. A series of scandals and revelations over the past two years has put the agency front-and-center in the national debate about privacy and the collection of data for law enforcement purposes, especially following the exposure of the National Security Agency’s collection of bulk data on American citizens and a follow-up exposé by Reuters that DEA had been running a parallel program targeting American citizens for years.


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5 thoughts on “Can Congress get in line with some of the state’s on marijuana?..or is it just pissed at the DEA?”

  1. The DEA is one of the worst bureaucracies in the federal government.

    I have dealt with them on many occasions.

    I personally am opposed to their existence.let their functions be taken over by the FBI .

    The FBI is bad enough ,but they’re paragons of efficiency next to these clowns.

    The FEWER law enforcement agencies the better in my view.

    LEAs ,by their nature, tend to metastasize and get ever larger, often expanding their “mission” far beyond what they were created for and,in the process, too often expand their list of “enemies.”

  2. Like almost ALL living things
    Organizations tend to want to grow to perpetuate themselves….
    If I remember correctly?
    They tried to have the FBI oversee
    The DEA
    I believe it didn’t work…..

  3. 1990

    In the first two cases the agencies themselves did NOT want the merger
    And AG Reno backed away from it
    In 2013 the idea came back but has gone nowhere like before…
    As you point out
    The culture’s of the two agencies are like night and day
    The FBI has pivoted to terrorism these days while the DEA continues its drug mission
    While the piece IS talking about a select few in Congress dealing with the state/federal disconnect
    We’ll have to see if the whole Congress goes along…

  4. I didn’t “point “that out.

    I see no reason at all not to intergrate the two except that the DEA wants to perpetuate themselves.

    As to their “cultures?”

    That’s the whole PROBLEM with law enforcement in this country today,their “cultures.”

    I think a lot of people have heard quite enough of that.

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