Biden’s gonna run?


Maybe Not….

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his associates have begun to actively explore a possible presidential campaign, which would upend the Democratic field and deliver a direct threat to Hillary Rodham Clinton, several people who have spoken to Mr. Biden or his closest advisers say.

Mr. Biden’s advisers have started to reach out to Democratic leaders and donors who have not yet committed to Mrs. Clinton or who have grown concerned about what they see as her increasingly visible vulnerabilities as a candidate.

The conversations, often fielded by Mr. Biden’s chief of staff, Steve Ricchetti, have taken place through hushed phone calls and quiet lunches. In most cases, they have grown out of an outpouring of sympathy for Mr. Biden since the death of his son Beau, 46, in May.

On Saturday, the New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd reported that Mr. Biden had been holding meetings at his residence, “talking to friends, family and donors about jumping in” to challenge Mrs. Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire, the first two nominating states.

One longtime Biden supporter said the vice president had been deeply moved by his son’s desire for him to run….



A Biden nomination run COULD mean some trouble for Hillary….

But could also fall flat….

The Media WOULD love it FOR SURE….



“A Biden nomination COULD mean some trouble for Hillary”? typo?

Democratic Socialist Dave
Joe Biden probably doesn’t want to spend his last active decades wondering “What if?” and “if only…”, especially if things go badly off the rails after 2013. T.R. spent his last decade (1909-1919) bitterly ruing having made and then kept his self-denying Washingtonesque promise in 1904 that if returned to the White House he would not seek another term in 1908 — thus leaving the country to Wm Howard Taft (long one of his closest and most-trusted friends but later seen as betraying TR’s legacy… Read more »
Manila Calling!

Everyone likes him bit I only see him running if Hillary’s E mail problems get serious.


Biden’s campaigns were of course inept.

Yes, I think Hillary’s candidacy is inept. Anybody with hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions have their speechwriter write a good speech.

Scott P

I like Biden quite a bit, but if you want to t all about inept see Joe’s 1988 and 2008 presidential campaigns


I think Biden is thinking about running for two reasons – his ego (all former Senators/and VPs think they can/should be President and Beau made it his dying wish (if we can believe Maureen Dowd). Not sure I would classify Hillary’s campaign as inept – she sure hit it out of the park at the NAACP meeting.


I don’t either

My Name Is jack

I like Joe Biden and would Actually prefer him to Hillary;however, the two other times he ran ,he fell flat.

Obviously,if he announced,he replaces Bernie Sanders as her main competitor.Many of the party pros are already committed to Hillary and the big money seems to be with her though.

I just don’t see him winning the nomination.


The reason Biden is considering it is because Hillary’s candidacy has been inept.