The WashPost Fix is out with a new 2016 GOP Presidential ratings list…

Donald Trump is NOT on top….

…..On one hand, Trump is way ahead in most national polls on the primary race and even leads (or comes close to leading) in surveys conducted in early-voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire.

On the other, he is Donald Trump.

(The last time I ranked the 2016 GOP field — June 12 — Trump was barely a blip on the radar and didn’t crack the top 10.)

I also put the Trump question to the five senior Republican strategists who aren’t working for one of the 17 GOPers running for the nomination currently. (I kid; there are at least 10 unaligned GOP operatives.) What I got back from that group surprised me: They were much more bullish on Trump’s chances than I expected — with several arguing that Trump absolutely belonged in the top tier.

I won’t spoil the surprise as to where The Donald wound up. You have to scroll down for that. Remember that the candidates are ranked by their likelihood of winding up as the Republican nominee next year. And, remember too that there are a lot of months between now and then. So, these ratings can and will change….


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10 thoughts on “The WashPost Fix is out with a new 2016 GOP Presidential ratings list…”

  1. As to Cillizas list ,I have no problems really ,except that I note his continued fascination with Christie ,despite the OBVIOUS fact that the guy is going nowhere.I see him exiting the race right after New Hampshire at this time.

    Also,He, along with most commentators continue to boost the chances of Rubio,despite the fact that he maintains fairly poor poll numbers and it is difficult to see him doing well in the any of the first three primaries.I mean, at some point, he has to show he can WIN .

    Just commenting that the has strong “fundamentals” doesn’t mean much.So did Rudy Guiliani.

  2. For whatever reason Republicans take a shine to Rubio for a bit and then grow tire of him.

    Maybe he has time to revive before the primary voting begins but I doubt it.

  3. Yea you did
    You give us a personal view of the agency’s as you have dealt with them…
    It’s biased
    But it’s actually truer than an wiki
    While it is your tendesty to dismiss the personal side of things
    The powers to be have shown little interest in joining the two agencies that ARE strong willed, operate in COMPLETELY different worlds, and both have their hands full…
    Especially after the mess they created in Homeland Security..

  4. He done himself in when asked for something sensible in immigration reform back about 6 months ago….
    Since then he’s recanted his view
    But his Conservative’s don’t seem to want to forget that…
    And the guy will be giving up his day job also…
    Easy come…
    Easy go , eh?

  5. The “personal” side of things has NOTHING to do with public policy.

    I don’t care if this one or that one is a “nice guy.”

    We are talking about public issues here.

    Your problem is that too often you can’t make a rational argument so you fall back on code words like,


    A basically meaningless phrase that seeks to excuse behavior based on sone undefinable “way things are done.”

    I prefer an intelligent defense even if I disagree with it to that kind of TRIPE?

  6. He, he he
    I LOVE it when you dismiss the personal side of things
    Human’s are ALL about personal things
    You seem to have issues with that
    Which is why my views of certain things will tend to be more if the reality that your’s
    Which will be wishes…

  7. Organizations that look great on paper…
    Some brainiac says well merger them
    Years later they will separate them back out
    Difference of mission
    No synergy
    Wasted time, money and energy
    Because they cared less about the ‘culture ‘

  8. And I love it when AS USUAL you mouth of simplistic stuff you obviously read in some self help manual as having anything to do with anything.

    Fact is you know NOTHING about the DEA ,have never had Any contact with them , and because you have NOTHING to say fall back on some GROSS irrelevancy to the discussion at hand.

    Of course ,the again, who knows?

    Maybe I’m just “misinterpreting ” you.

    One never knows!

  9. Tell us all about the “culture” if DEA vis a vis the FBI James.

    Hurry run to Wiki,,


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