The Fed’s STILL look at the Marijuana Industry as illegal…

Don’t matter WHAT the state’s says…..

Banking regulators just said no to a financial institution that aims to be the first to serve the expanding marijuana industry in Colorado.

The Fourth Corner Credit Union in Denver applied in November to the Federal Reserve for a “master account,” which would allow it to interact with other financial institutions and open its doors to some of the hundreds of state-licensed marijuana businesses in Colorado.

Although recreational marijuana has been legalized in Colorado, it is still illegal on the federal level, discouraging most traditional banks from working with pot businesses.

The Fed’s branch in Kansas City, which has been reviewing the application, privately informed the Fourth Corner Credit Union earlier in July that it had not been approved for a master account, the credit union said on Thursday…..



This sin’t gonna change UNLESS Congress changes the Laws on the books….

Even the President saying he won’t go after people could change with a new President every four years…

4 thoughts on “The Fed’s STILL look at the Marijuana Industry as illegal…”

  1. Yes Manilas a true Republican

    All that “states rights” BS only applies when talking about Black Voting Rights or Gay Marriage.But pot?

    Send the Feds in!

    As for “major drug companies who have been ripping off the Americanconsumers for years?

    Six words,


  2. Major drug companies won’t touch medical pot either.

    I would confiscate all the money if I were the Feds.

  3. Yeh yeh yeh

    Your obsession with this topic has become as amusing as your former obsession with Elizabeth Warren.

    I repeat,

    PLEASE Republicans,follow the lead of the loser of losers Chris Christie and announce that “states rights” be damned(Republicans only haul that old canard out when talking about Gays anymore) and that you intend to send federal agents into Colorado to “enforce” federal laws and GUARANTEE Hillarys taking the state.

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