Open Thread for July 31, 2015….The Bookies have Jeb Bush 7/5 for the GOP Nomination…

Just so you know …..

GOP Nomination

Jeb Bush 7/5
Paul Ryan 25/1
Mike Pence 33/1
Marco Rubio 7/2
Rob Portman 25/1
Sarah Palin 33/1
Scott Walker 4/1
Michael Bloomberg 25/1
Eric Cantor 40/1
Donald Trump 8/1
Ted Cruz 25/1
Ron Paul 50/1
Rand Paul 9/1
Condoleezza Rice 33/1
David Petraeus 66/1
Ben Carson 14/1
Rick Santorum 33/1
Michele Bachmann 66/1
Chris Christie 16/1
Bobby Jindal 33/1
John McCain 66/1

Democratic Nomination

Hillary is 1/6

Sanders 8/1

O’Malley 25/1

2016 Presidential Election

Hillary Clinton Even

Jeb Bush 10/3

Marco Rubio 12/1

Scott Walker 12/1

Donald Trump 20/1


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135 thoughts on “Open Thread for July 31, 2015….The Bookies have Jeb Bush 7/5 for the GOP Nomination…”

  1. I DO agree he’s been able to grab ALL the Republican oxygen in the room, hall and building….

    The debate should actually be MORE important to HIM then the others…

    If they can get into him?

    He’s history…

    If he prevails?

    He’s gonna have a chance and that IS sorry

  2. His business success started from his dad GIVING him $20 mil I believe…

    I think just about anybody could duplicate that…

    NYC had Bloomberg as mayor….

    Everybody went crazy over him….


    His last term he had to buy the election for $130 Mil

    End the end they couldn’t wait to see him gone and now it’s like “Bloomberg…Who?”

    America, in my view does NOT need a Billionaire in the White House…

    The guys only allegence will be to money…

    And we ALREADY have a party…(He , he…HIS?) that thinks that and they could care less about MOST of us…

  3. “I think just about anybody could duplicate that…”

    I think you’re personal dislike of Trump is clouding your thinking again. Lots of people would just waste that kind of money, being spoilt and brought up in a bubble of wealth, and ask daddy for more.

    But I’m starting to find this entertaining too, watching the gushes of word salads every time someone mentions Trump, Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders!

  4. Back from a hot 2 mile walk….

    Wife’s at the beach..You got this dog for a few….

    You got me mac…

    I’m NOT into unreasonable hero worship that the media egages in…


  5. I’m not sure the media is exactly hero worshiping him.

    But it is very interesting how quickly and big things are changing in the media at the moment. From disgust and dismissal, to baffled acknowledgement, to slow re-examination and adjusted attitudes.

    But this is also driven by the numbers. They are not as expected, not even by Trump I think.

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