Trump supporters…Forget the Money…He’s one of us…..



Mitt Romney got in trouble for having , like $250 million….

Some people where trying to sell the idea that the Clinton’s where NOT regular people due to the fact that are worth about $55 million….

Now Donlad Trump comes along says he’s worth about $10 BILLION (most experts revise that down to about $3 Billion)….

And people are DISREGARDING the Money thing for this GUY???


What makes someone say they want Donald Trump to be the 45th president of the United States?

Bloomberg Politics’ John Heilemann went to New Hampshire to try to answer that question — sitting down with 12 people professing to support the Donald in 2016. The entirety of the focus group — or at least the part Bloomberg has released today — is worth watching. But one comment — from a woman named Jane — stood out to me. Here it is:

He’s like one of us. He may be a millionaire … but beside the money issue he’s still in tune with what everyone is wanting.



Donald J. Trump has been called many things in his decades-long run as a public figure. I am betting that “one of us” is not one of them. This is, after all, someone who at every turn professes how wealthy he is ($10 billion!!), how smart he is (“really smart”) and who lives a life — married to a supermodel, star of his own reality TV show (until recently) — that couldn’t be further from the everyday life of the average person in the U.S….


Here’s ANOTHER look at this focus group…..

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15 thoughts on “Trump supporters…Forget the Money…He’s one of us…..”

  1. Yes I have to admit that Trump has done a good job of that.

    Watch him speak.

    He talks like a regular person talks not like a politician.

  2. Unlike James, I never thought that Romney’s wealth was a disqualified. I would have no problem voting for a billionaire – if I agreed with them on the issues.

  3. That’s because he ISN’T a true political….

    He’s a SALESMAN….

    My feeling is as he realizes that he WILL have to become a politican?
    He’ll have to compromise his act down…
    It happens to ALL of them….

    Right Now?
    He’s selling his act as the guy who mad at all the things a LOT of us are…
    But in reality?
    This a pretty darn good place on a whole for over 323 Million people…
    And to accommodate that many different people’s wants, needs and desires means you HAVE to do a balancing act….
    That’s the reality he’s trying to sneak around with his sales pitch…

  4. I have no problem with electing wealthy people to office if they seek to represent those of us who are not nor are likely to become wealthy.

    Romney gave no indication that he would do that.

  5. A couple of things about Trump’s wealth:

    1. He claims that his brand is worth $3bn. Forbes says $300m I think. Maybe it’s somewhere in between.

    2. Property values. Bloomberg valued his golf courses as golf courses. Trump values f.ex his golf course in central Miami in terms of potential development land with potentially 10.000 housing units.
    Is there any merit to that evaluation? Probably so.
    But downgrading his worth only gives him more attention and opportunity to brag about all the things he owns. It’s likely a losing attack strategy vs. Trump.

  6. Digression;
    reg. voting for billionaires,
    Trump does run himself which should earn him some respect vs. f.ex. the Koch Brothers (or Sheldon Adelson) who pay others to run for them.
    So from that perspective much of the power originates from one billionaire or the other anyways.

  7. I TOTALLY disagree with your suggestion that Trump “realizes” he has to become a politician.

    You still apparently Don’t understand his candidacy.Hes NOT playing by YOUR rules.


    What the HELL does that have to do with anything at this point?

    The rest of your post was pointless blather.

  8. As you so wisely predicted about Christie….

    The ‘Bull-in-China-Shop’ shit IS gonna get tired eventually….

    At SOME point Trump IS gonna have get down to being a politican if he actually thinks he has a serious chance to win…. Which he doesn’t….

  9. I disagree.

    He will never be a conventional politician.

    That’s his schtick.

    Barry Goldwater never was.Indeed, Goldwater reputedly told his advisors in 1964 ,when they tried to tone him down,

    ” Look,I’m going to lose this thing my own way.”

    That’s Trump..

    Anyway he will probably be gone long before any of the things you’re talking about come into play.

  10. The analogy with Christie isn’t valid.

    Christie liked bullying average folks on the sidewalk or at forums.Nobody likes that.

    Trump targets his bullying at figures the public enjoys seeing put down:Reporters,Commentators and politicians.

    Hell I even enjoy it myself !

  11. The focus groups if Trump’s supporters clearly don’t give a damn that he’s not a conventional politician, as evidenced by their shrugging off his past donations to the Clintons.

    Remember how our departed friend C went apoplectic over that as he lives and dies by the GOP.

    Trump got where he is by not caring about that. “Conventional”? How’s that working for Jindal, Rubio, Gilmore, etc?

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