Trump campaign hires a political director …..

Most campaigns have one when they start…..

Six weeks AFTER he decideed  to run ?

The Donald gets someone to actually run a campaign….(It’s no longer a one man band?)

The campaign is talking to the RNC about reaching out to Republican voters nationwide….


Does this guy actually know HOW to run for President?

Trump’s campaign also announced Thursday that it had hired a political director. Taken together, two things become clear from this news: 1) The Trump campaign launched well before it was ready to from an organizational standpoint, and 2) Trump, who may not have expected to so swiftly become the national polling frontrunner, now appears to be taking his candidacy quite seriously.

Of course, there are limits for a candidate like Trump: On Thursday he was in Scotland to watch the Women’s British Open.

The RNC’s offer to share its file is especially significant in light of the fact that the political operation run by Charles and David Koch, Freedom Partners, has reportedly denied Trump access to its voter file and user interface, called i360….