Chris Christie Update…I WILL enforce Federal Marijuana laws

We KNOW this guy isn’t gonna be the GOP nominee….

But his comments point to an on going problem with the state/local and federal laws concerning marijuana possesion in this country….

A Republican President could scuttle the state and loacl moves to decriminalize marijuana….

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Tuesday doused the hopes of those who might want to enjoy state-legalized marijuana with him in the White House.

“If you’re getting high in Colorado today, enjoy it,” Christie, a Republican presidential candidate, said during a town-hall event in the early voting state of New Hampshire, according to Bloomberg.

“As of January 2017, I will enforce the federal laws,” he added.

Christie, who has long opposed recreational marijuana and said early this month that he has never tried pot, has stated that unlike President Obama he would not selectively choose which federal laws to enforce….


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One thought on “Chris Christie Update…I WILL enforce Federal Marijuana laws”

  1. I hope this becomes an issue in this campaign and I further hope that ALL the Republican candidates take Christies position.

    This,of course, will almost guarantee Colorado to the Democrats and play right into my scenario.(the Virginia/Colorado strategy)

    If Hillary can carry every state John Kerry did in 2004, and they have all been voting consistently Democratic over the past three cycles ,can hold Virginia which has voted twice for Obama and where the Democrats have done well of late even in off year elections, and then take Colorado?

    It’s OVER!

    Ohio, Iowa, Florida, New Mexico and Nevada, the other so called “swing ” states don’t matter.

    So go ahead Republicans ,join this loser and be a”tough” guy.The Hell with all that “states rights” blather.Call for the federal minions to descend on Colorado.Come on Republicans…

    As Dirty Harry would say

    “Make my day!”


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