Political Roundup for July 28, 2015…Gilmore for President?…RRH Elections


Gilmore: The long-awaited Jim Gilmore for President juggeraut has finally begun. The ex-Virginia governor is staking his longest of longshots bid on New Hampshire, spending more time there than half of his competitors.

Florida: The economic crisis in Puerto Rico may lead to a mass exodus of Puerto Rican voters to the state before the 2016  presidential election, potentially upending the political calculus in the state. Puerto Rican voters tend to lean Democratic, but a great number of newcomers from the island do not identify with either party(based in part on the political party differences in the commonwealth being based mostly on statehood vs. commonwealth lines), so Republicans see an opening with these new voters.

Polling: Patrick Ruffini takes a look at why Republican primary polling may not reflect the real primary electorate, and may be overstating Donald Trump’s numbers.  This is because many of his supporters tend to be people on the margins of the Republican Party and low-propensity voters who may be responding more to Trump’s celebrity and near universal name recognition but may not actually come out and vote for him….


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  1. Yeh their “opening” to these folks who are coming here for a better life for themselves and their children is to tell them that they ought to vote Republican because after all, they’re against abortion.

    Yeh that oughta do it!

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