NFL says 4 Game suspection sticks for Brady…..

If upheld?

It will cost the New England Patriots Quaterback close to $2 Million, due to the unevenly filled footballs issue…

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell upheld Tom Brady’s four-game suspension, the league announced Tuesday.

Goodell served as the arbitrator for the appeal hearing, which was held at NFL headquarters in New York June 23. The closed-door hearing lasted 11 hours, and ESPN reported that nearly 40 people were in the room.

Among the witnesses was Ted Wells, who led the Deflategate investigation that led to Brady’s four-game suspension. Wells confirmed he testified but didn’t offer any details.

Though Patriots owner Robert Kraft was not at the hearing, he wrote a letter on Brady’s behalf.

Brady’s legal team argued that not only did Wells find no definitive proof of a scheme to deflate game balls in the AFC Championship game against the Colts or of Brady having any knowledge of such a plan, it also argued that Brady’s punishment was far too harsh based on precedent — a four-game suspension would cost Brady $1.88 million….