Runners come in ALL sizes and Shapes….

Woman’s Running has stepping into this with its August cover…..

Erica Schenk, 18, is likely the first plus-size model to be on the cover of a fitness magazine. (Women's Running/ James Farrell)

When Women’s Running magazine asked Erica Schenk, an 18-year-old plus-size model from Palm Springs, Calif., to pose for its August issue, everyone involved thought the photos were just going to run alongside an article about workout apparel for different body types. At the last minute, editor-in-chief Jessie Sebor decided, “Why not put her on the cover?”

Schenk didn’t know about the decision until a reporter asked her to comment. “I told them, ‘I don’t think I’m on the cover,’” she recalled with a laugh.

But she is. Clad in black spandex tights and a bright sports tank, the Wilhelmina model is shown running through Brooklyn’s Prospect Park on a sunny day. (“It was 100 percent humidity and 95 degrees,” Schenk groaned.)

After the issue hit newsstands last week, social media users reacted quickly and passionately, with many expressing elation at seeing a larger body type featured on the cover. According to Sebor, it has incited the biggest response the magazine has ever had….